Me and my Silver Cross…

There’s a lot of unexplained things to get your head around as a parent. Like having to regularly change teats on baby bottles, like the fact that Pampers have different types of pants for different scenarios, and like having two buggies. Yes, two buggies.

Thanks to my friends who are seasoned parents, I learnt that that I’d need a ‘stroller’ at some point. But what was the difference?

Well, the buggy is your piece of hardware, your every day investment to take baby out and about. The stroller on the other hand is more of a secondary set of wheels for getting around. Like going on holiday, like car trips and like speedy trips back and forth to the nursery. Now it all made sense.

There’s a lot of great choice out there and which? are always a great source. In the end, I decided to go for one of the leading brands on the market – the stylish, hardy and easy to use Silver Cross Reflex stroller.


I love how functional it is without compromising any style, and it has some great accessories too like the rain cover and lightweight changing bag.

Although there are cheaper options, for £250 it’s an affordable piece of luxury, and well worth the investment.

Naturally like all things fabulous, it has a celebrity following too, with Colleen Rooney owning one and The Duchess of Cambridge a fan of the Silver Cross brands.

I’ve been road-testing it over the weeks, in preparation for our big holiday coming up. It has been a great piece of kit that I wonder how I lived without!

Here’s my road testing overview…

Silver Cross Reflex – The Best Bits

  •  I played around with other strollers and can say that the Reflex is one of the most hardy and sturdy out there. Its wheels are robust and it can certainly take some bangs!
  • We love the unique 3-mode LED night light, a great addition for the dark winter days.
  • The Reflex comes in a selection of colours from sky blue to bright lime, red and beige – it’s nice not to blend in on the high street.
  • Silver Cross have been around for years, it’s definitely a brand you can trust, with great customer service if you have any problems.
  • It has multi-position recline and is actually very easy to go from upright to flat out. There’s plenty of space and it looks very comfortable.
  • The wheels have multi-function so you can keep them in one direction or let them move around, ideal for different terrains.
  • The extendable hood offers excellent coverage come sun or rain.
  • Very importantly for us (my husband is much taller than me) the handles can be extended.
  • It comes with a handy under-basket for shopping.
  • It’s very easy to fold and carry around on the move (and fits in my small car!)
  •  Silver Cross have really thought of everything with this, the hood for instance have viewing windows.

silver cross reflexAnd the other bits..

Well, there’s not much we don’t love about the Reflex. It’s well thought out, resilient and stylish. If we had to change something, I’d like the option of having it parent- facing and would include a strap for extra safety.

The Silver Cross Reflex gets top marks for design, style and innovation. We love this product and it’s also great for holidays (see here for our recent jaunt abroad with it) since it’s practical, easy and lightweight.

The Silver Cross Reflex is available on the high street and online from £250, for more visit –

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