Toddler Reads For World Book Day

World Book Day (March 2) is a celebration of reading books. There are even £1 books available (find out how to get yours here), to encourage children to read.

Reading with my son is one of my favourite things to do – well except for when he asks me to read Thomas the Tank Engine for the millionth time!

So to celebrate this brilliant event, I’ve plucked out my top five books essential for every toddler (and parent) to have in their library.

Oi Frog!

Oi Frog! is one of my favourite modern books (when I say modern, I mean a book I didn’t grow up with!) because it’s daft and makes me laugh. Is there any better reason to love a book! Plus the illustrations are pretty cool and your kid will point at them loads. Highly entertaining!

Its rhythmical language will make you want to sing, and will surely help give your child a greater love for reading.


The Tiger Who Came to Tea 

This is a timeless classic of a read, that will transport you back to being a child yourself, as you read the words out loud realising that it is still charming to this day. See what happens to little Sophie when the doorbell rings and an unexpected guest turns up for tea!


Where’s Spot?

Lets be honest, Spot isn’t exactly the brainiest dog, but what he is a bundle of cuteness that can keep your kid endlessly entertained!

If your toddler is one of the inquisitive types then they’ll love opening the flaps and pointing out the objects in this book, also a great distraction book to travel on planes with I’ve found!


The Slightly Annoying Elephant

While this is for slightly older children (3 and up), the bright colourful illustrations and wonderful witty writing make this attractive to kids of all ages, including my 2 year old.

Written by comedian David Walliams, it has a whiff of the silly about it, which is why we love it so. Some versions come with an CD reading to accompany it, for even more fun!


High Five with Julias and Friends

A classic Paul Frank book which you won’t mind reading time and again. Follow the rock-star monkey who gets ‘high fives’ on every page, with a touchy-feely patch to high five yourself. Senses are an important part of being a toddler, this coupled with a fun story make it a book you’ll never bore of.


Books available at Amazon, or all good bookstores.

So don’t forget to read your nipper a book on World Book Day 2nd March –

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