On the eve of England’s first game against Tunisia in the World Cup tonight, I thought I’d be all patriotic and write a post about how to tune out of the football! Well, more specifically – things to distract your time, if like me, you’re a football widow!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually a fan of the ‘beautiful game’ but, I’ll never keep up with my husband’s commitment to it. So, if you’re looking for refuge in all the wrong places, join the club…


I’ve become partial to the fury throwback toy again! First up, Netflix is showing Trolls episodes, and I have to say they’re very watchable! Secondly, Hasbro has launched a new range of GLOW IN THE DARK Trolls. A-huh you heard me, GLOWING trolls. They come in super cute little pouches, so you never know which surprise you’re going to get. What I love most is that they’re universally appealing, yeah girls, boys and MUMS as it turns out! They’ve proved to be a fun distraction to play with when the footy is on.



It’s not a saying now, but it will be… ok maybe not! Here’s the thing, my husband loves football and I dont want to deprive him of it. So instead, when it’s on, me and the Boo go for a nice long walk. And ignoring the fact that half the time I’m getting an ice-cream on the journey, I’m starting to rack up some serious steps. On the day of the opening ceremony I walked nearly five whole miles. I mean, I should have been sponsored for that!


Channeling my inner Robbie Williams, I’ve decided to have a few Russian themed soirées to celebrate the World Cup. When I say soirees, I mean me, the kid, the cat and the husband! To the point, I’ve been trying my hand at some Russian canapés, mains and cocktails. Trust me, there’s worse things to eat than Bilinis and vodka to live on! I feel it has opened up my appreciation for Russian food if nothing else. For great food inspiration, check out All Recipes here.

COME ON ENGLAND, we know you can do it… but until the semi finals, I think I’ll just have another vodka if you don’t mind!

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