Wife Appreciation Day!

Wife Appreciation Day – it’s a thing!

I bloody love a good excuse for a knees up, so almost wet myself <must do more pelvic exercises>, when I discovered ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ which falls on September 18th – put it in your diaries now! It’s an actual thing!

For shits and giggles, I decided to draw up a list of things I’d rather like from my milk drunk husband, and what the heck, thought you’d have a giggle by looking at it too.

So darling husbands out there, get those credit cards out and bring a smile to your better halves!

  1. A LIE IN

All I want is one extra hour in bed. Just one. Okay, I’ll take two if you’re giving them away. I just want to sleep, or look at the Mail Online undisturbed. Either way, this is the best present and it doesn’t cost you a penny, just take that screaming tot away from me at 5am!


Lets you and me go out, go wild, re-live our youth and spend the next day realising shots of sambuca were a b-a-d idea! I’m not sure how much a nanny costs, but nor do I care. Lets just do it. Now!


Look, if you’re going to insist that I’m ‘the best cook’ and therefore should do all the house catering, then I want a nice apron to go with it!

Yeah, this one ‘Just Call me Delia’ will do, thanks!



Yes, I love my child, but for one day, just once, you could pick him up from nursery, bath him and put him to bed, so I can rustle us up something spesh in the kitchen. G’wan!