Where To Consciously Couple Before Two-Become-Three…

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Where To Consciously Couple Before Two-Become-Three…

The world is your oyster. That is, until, baby comes along. So, before stretch-marks stop you flaunting your stuff, and while you can still take advantage of ‘adult only’ resorts, take yourselves away for a final hurrah – you’ll be glad you did! The Editor of the Milk Drunk Diary has picked her top spots for for that final blowout…

Milk Drunk Diary - Miami © Fontainebleau Hotel-01

Consciously Couple

It has to be SoBe

South Beach, or ‘SoBe’ as the locals call it, is a mecca for the beautiful. While you still can, flaunt your stretchmark-free body on its endless golden beaches, and party at Nikki Beach, sipping a cocktail by the sea.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants too, with our favourite Soho Beach House bringing a British vibe to this Latino lovers-paradise.

We’ve stayed in several hotels in Miami, but our top pick goes to the exquisite Fontainebleau – a great place
with, or without kids. We recommend checking it out now, as a potential family holiday destination in years to come.

Boasting lagoon like swimming pools, a stylish bar, rocking nightclub ‘Liv’, and 1,504 luxurious rooms, you’ll never want to leave.

Milk Drunk Diary - Antigua © Sophia, MDD-03

Milk Drunk Diary - Antigua © Sophia, MDD-04

Intrigued by Antigua

The Galley Bay Hotel in Antigua is everything a hotel should be. It has prime position on the beachfront, is privately located so that you’re cocooned in your own world and the staff are warm and welcoming. Its bar is open around-the-clock, and when you’re not chilling out poolside, you’ll be enjoying one of its charming restaurants – one on the beach, one in private residence, one in the hotel complex.

Don’t be surprised if you spot the occasional celebrity here, we spied Roger Daltry and Gianni Versace during our stay.

Best of all, the Galley Bay is for Adults only, so you don’t have to suffer screaming children or turds in the pool!

If there was ever a hotel just made for two….

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Sun, Sea and Sanny D

Our favourite west coast hangout (other than LA) has a quasi Mexican feel to it, with all the comforts of USA. Drive two hours in one direction and you’ll find yourself in the elite Hollywood Hills, drive in the other to stumble across the party paradise of Tijuana. For that reason, it’s a great middle ground for road trips.

San Diego itself has a lot to offer, its famous Zoo, surprisingly beautiful beaches, golf courses, and tons and tons and tons of bars… you see where we’re going with this!

Hotels, there are plenty – but our favourite of them all is the W Hotel. Luxury accommodation, a pool and spa, high end dining and a bar to party all night in. It’s also perfectly placed to get around town without being in the centre of it.

As with all things W, the hotel is shrouded in glitz and glamour, and is very much an adult playground perfect for couples.

MDD - Tokyo © Reddit.com-07

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© Pixabay

Hello Tokyo

Treat your lover to somewhere they’ll never expect to go. And what’s more, Tokyo is an insanely fun place to indulgence in each other’s company. It’s brilliantly foreign, you won’t have a clue what’s going on, how to use the underground, what food they’re serving you, or how or why taxi doors open on their own! But, there’s something captivating about it that you have to experience, and preferably while it’s just the two of you getting lost.

Feel like teenagers again as you hang out in Karaoke Booths, visit the blossoming park, and smile at the fashions in Harajuku.

We’ve picked out the famous Park Hyatt Hotel as our recommendation. Least of all because it was the setting for our favourite film – Lost in Translation.

Do like Bill Murray, and enjoy Saki and singing in the hotel bar, while enjoying views across the metropolis. Rooms are simple and somewhat business like, but is the place to stay.

MDD - Ibiza © Hacienda Hotel-09

Ibiza © Pixabay

Ibiza © Pixabay


The ‘White Island’ of Ibiza is probably one of the most decadent and discerning destinations in Europe. The energy on this island is special, some say magical. Still a party haven, DC10, Space and Pacha are among some of the top clubs you have to go large in, while hangovers are still bearable.

By day, mix with the eclectic Euros down at Playa d’en Bossa’s beach. In the evening head to Ibiza Town to people watch. And when you’re ready to lay your weary here, look no further than the exclusive Hacienda. Nestled in the Ibizan mountains it boasts stunning vistas across the sea. Rooms are tranquil, minimal, bohemian. If you can, pay extra for the Eden Junior Suite, there couldn’t be a better place to ‘Consciously Couple’.

Service here is confidently understated – like you’ve found a special getaway to retire to.

Hang off the cliffs with its built-in rock pools for a truly unbeatable experience.

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