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The bite of teething

I always that that I’m observant, in touch with my body and intuitive. It’s something I’ve always believed…. until I got pregnant.

You see, I had no clue I was pregnant. Ridiculous really when you consider I had supersonic senses and a hankering for ice cold Coca-Cola at all given hours. But no, I was totally clueless. And so I discovered that my intuition was a little whack.

I dismissed it thinking that it was a one-off, but when Boo came along and my husband started noticing things not even on my radar. I couldn’t deny that my observation skills weren’t quite up to it.

Teething Pains

So, I armed myself with a ‘Your baby week by week’ guide to parenting, to help me spot the signs that everyone else must find bloody obvious.

Thank God I did, because I think I would have confused Boo’s teething for being hungry and overfed him until he was the size of a sumo. But thanks to the book, I knew the signs. It started with irritability, progressed to hand gnawing, and finally red cheeks and dribble.

The poor wee thing, just about to turn four months and has this to deal with, along with adjusting to his new bottle teat (omg why didn’t anyone warn me how hard that is!)

While I can’t see a tooth in sight, the signs all lead to it, and I’ve been trying to pacify him with shiny toys, silly games and teethers and most successful of all teething granules with magic ingredient chamomilla (translated from Greek as Earth-Apple).

But still, these are all mere distractions and Boo is not a happy bunny. I am still toying with amber beads, but I really don’t like the idea of these, incase they cut loose and he swallows one. But I do hear good things about them (thank you twitterati @milkdrunkdiary)

On the Upside

The only upside of this, is that I’m now on the countdown to weaning (quite possibly the ugliest word in the dictionary). I’m reading Annabel Karmel’s weaning guide as recommended by friend Alison (thanks hon) and I’m preparing myself with essential kit to get me through it, like this essential Nuby blender, and a selection of Nuby and Bebea utensils from here. I’m super excited about introducing him to food, it’s going to be our greatest milestone yet. We just need to get over the hand gnawing and misery of teething – one month and counting!

While I’m starting to stock up, please let me know any bits you think are useful to buy, and also anything that can help during these difficult teething days…

Ta-ra for now…