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Life after Alcohol..

‘Sure I can live without alcohol for eight months’ I said (I didn’t know I was pregnant for the first month). I didn’t think it would be a problem, I’m not a big drinker after all, and surely pregnancy would change my taste. Surely?

Well, as it happens, I actually rather missed the booze. It’s every woman’s prerogative to choose to drink in pregnancy; it was my personal choice to abstain once I knew I was knocked up. It’s not as righteous as it sounds – I’m a bit of a binger and couldn’t understand what the point was in just one drink. Where was the fun in sticking to the limit! So, no, since I couldn’t find a healthy balance, I figured abstinence was the answer.

At first…

At first it was fine, I wasn’t even interested, as my desire for constant rehydration took over. But, my pregnancy fell smack bang in the middle of party season, and by time December came around it felt like I should have been sponsored for my commitment to the cause.

Proseco was my greatest loss (I know #middleclassproblems), the mere whiff of it and I’d have to leave the room. I never knew I was so partial to the bubbly stuff, and caffeine, oh how I missed it.

So what do you do when fun is off the menu? Well, you drink a LOT of water, and discover a lot of sugary new drinks.

A few newly-pregnant friends have asked me for my recommendations, so here’s a few that got me through those long few months on the wagon…

Drink Up

  1. Bottle Green Sparking Elderflower Presse, God love it – this was my savior
  2. Shloer, White Grape – as close as you can get to a sweet chardonnay
  3. Shloer Celebration – Looks like rose, tastes like fizzy pop!
  4. Vitamin Water, Dragonfruit – refreshing and subtle, my favourite discovery
  5. Cranberry juice – full of sugar, take it easy
  6. Coca-Cola Life – no caffeine means its ok for pregnancy
  7. Little Miracle, Black tea, peach etc – available in Tesco
  8. Purdeys – feels healthy
  9. Alcohol free wine – pointless
  10. J20, Orange and Passionfruit


So there you have it, non-alcoholic drinks ten ways. Was there a specific drink that you discovered during your pregnancy that you want to add to the list? Feel free to share this with your pregnant friends, let them know they’re not alone!

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