What’s in a Baby Name?



Naming your baby should be fun, right? Not quite. It can be stressful, political and challenging.

There’s family to keep happy, a baby to think of, and the responsibility that goes with ‘branding’ your child.

I’ve often wondered if my Boo would turn out to be a different person if I called him Paul, or John or heck even Ringo!

So it’s always interesting when the ‘top baby names’ are announced. Recently the Office of National Statistics revealed the top 100 and surprise surprise, well… there were actually no surprises.

Because once again, Oliver and Amelia once rule the pack, along with other popular names such as Jack, Isabelle, Ella and Muhammad. .

When I was growing up my name was not popular and I liked the fact that I wasn’t one of several ‘Kate’s or ‘Sarah’s in my class. So when my name made the top five recently I was gutted.

It got me thinking – is it a good or bad thing to have a popular name?

On the upside, it’s good because everyone’s familiar with it and clearly it’s popular because it’s nice. But on the other hand there’s something very ‘safe’ and dare I say maybe even unoriginal about a popular name.

The other thing j wonder is if your baby’s name dictates their character?

For instance, I’ve never really taken to any Louise I’ve ever met. All the women called Dawn or Helen know seem to be men magnets and Amanda’s all seem to be very well turned out.

I’ve found Peter’s to be introvert; Roberts I don’t like and Andy’s are definitely men’s men!

Of course, these are just my flippant judgments to make a point.But, it does make you wonder what’s in a name!