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The first time you cook for baby is a nerve-wracking but exciting time. You’ll wash everything 1,000 times before cooking, you’ll probably make sure it’s organic and you’ll definitely go by every recipe book you can find. Or at least, that’s what I did!

Recipe books were a great help to me, and thanks to Ella and Annabel, I managed to start the journey into solids. I’ve also been using pouch food, but that’s coming in a whole other post. I also recommend investing in a good blender/steamer, I use the Nuby Garden Fresh.

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So, I wanted to share a couple of recipes we had great success with and here they are – happy eating, feeders!

Potatoes (Best hearty dish)

MDD - Post Picture - potato-73Following Ella’s Kitchen book I washed, peeled and cubed potatoes, then boiled for 20 minutes. Holding back some of the water, I mixed this in with the potato and used the large blades on my blender to mash it up. The consistency was beautiful and smooth, helped by a few splashes of baby milk. As potatoes come in bags, I had quite a lot left over. Before adding milk I set some aside to freeze.

Mango Puree (Best in a hurry)

I apparently grew up loving mangoes, which is weird as I don’t like them now. For mango mush I used Annabel’s Quick & Easy book. The best bit is that it took no time at all. Get a juicy mango, peel and chop up. Add to the Nuby blender and whizz up for a good 30 seconds at least.

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Banana and Avocado (Best Mash Up!)

MDD - Post Picture - avocado-76Who knew banana and avocado were an item! This recipe featured in Annabel’s Weaning book. Chop half a banana and half an avocado – make sure they are both ripe. I used Annabel Karmel’s hand masher to start with, but the consistency was lumpier (for 7+ months), so I returned to the blender. Surprisingly, it tasted mostly of banana, but it was still a hit.

Peas (Best when you haven’t got anything in the cupboard)

Ella’s Kitchen book says you can use frozen veg, it is often much MDD - Post Picture - peas-77fresher too, so I had no qualms about it. I emptied 150g of pears into the steamer compartment of the Nuby Garden Fresh, although you can also boil. Holding some of the water back, I then blended together, but the consistency was too runny as I added too much water. This is where baby rice comes in handy to pad it out, and it looked a bit like a pea smoothie!

Aubergine (Best for your pocket)

An aubergine costs around 60p and can make around three portions, so it’s great value for money. MDD - Post Picture - -59It’s not one of my favourite foods, but I was inspired by Ella’s Kitchen book. Wash the aubergine then cut into cubes and steam in your blender/steamer for about 4.30 minutes. You can peel the skin off, but I forgot, whoops! Add some of the boiled water to it and blend for a good minute. The result doesn’t look, smell, or even taste appetizing to me, but to my amazement my son loved it.

Stay tuned for more adventures in weaning to come!

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