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A few years ago at Taste of London, I discovered that I’m a ‘supertaster’. This means I have more taste buds than normal and can identify off food instantly. It was a revelation and perhaps explained why I’m such a fussy eater.

Because of my particular taste in food, I knew weaning was going to be a challenge. I found myself outside of my comfort zone cooking foods I detest like cauliflower and aubergine, peaches and broccoli. It forced me to expand my diet too. If weaning was meant to be a learning experience for my son, it turned out to educate me too!

So, now I’ve been weaning for almost a month, here’s some of the things I learnt…

  1. MDD - Post Picture - -60Get Kitted Out

Last time I mentioned the importance of getting the right gear (read here). This includes recipe books, I’m recommending Annabel Karmel and Ella’s Kitchen to start off.

  1. Don’t let it stop you

For the first week you might want to stay at home until you find your feet. But after that, don’t let it stop you going out. There’s some great feeding products on the market such as the JoJo Maman Bebe cooler and Munckin roll travel bib, plus a huge range of pouches for instant feeding, which I’ll review separately.

  1. MDD - Post Picture - -61Pad it out, sweeten it up

Baby rice is nothing like rice I discovered. On its own its bland and boring. However, it can pad out certain to give them more substance.

Likewise, baby milk or breast milk added to dishes like squash, makes it more ‘soup’ like and gives it an added sweet kick.

  1. Fresh food is awesome

We’ve been told for ages that getting your ‘five a day’ is essential. Now I’m cooking food from fresh, I really see how good it is for you. I buy organic occasionally, but believe all food should be washed. Some of my favourite recipes to prepare so far have been carrot, potato, apples and avocado.

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  1. Steam

Steamed food takes minutes and gives a nice flavor, texture and warmth to a dish. I’ve been using the Nuby Garden Fresh blender and steamer for all sorts from pears to potatoes, which makes life easy.

  1. Prepare for mess

My Dad is a messy eater, I’m a messy eater, my baby’s a messy eater! Certain foods stain more than others, but it’s all part of the fun.. Oh, and be prepared for a change in nappy habits too. Watch out for blueberries!

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  1. Try everything

Try everything once, twice, in fact 15 times I’m told it takes before a baby knows what they like. The recipe books teach you that variety is key.

  1. Freeze

I’ve never been in to freezing food, but it has been great for weaning. Be sure to let food cool down first, and don’t mix baby milk in with it for freezing.

Every baby is different, but here’s the top five dishes mine seems to enjoy the most, I think he might have a savoury tooth!

  1. PotatoMDD - Post Picture - -64
  2. Avocado and banana
  3. Broccoli
  4. Apple and blueberry
  5. Aubergine

And what he doesn’t like

  1. Peaches
  2. Pears
  3. Baby rice (on its own)
  4. Trio of vegetables

Stay tuned – next time we’ll be reviewing baby food pouches.

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