To be or not to be a pushy parent!

Pushy parents, love them or hate them, they’re everywhere! At the school gates cosying up to the teachers, at the front of the queue of Swim Club, and signing their child up to Mandarin lessons aged 3

You know exactly the parent I’m talking about, maybe you’re one of them!?]

Fair dues, if that’s how you roll. But I’ve come to realise, that the effort and exhaustion that comes with such pushiness, is not for me. I subscribe to the view that a happy child will excel at everything far more than a forced or coerced child. Yeah, I’m slightly hedonistic, but it has served me well.

What makes a pushy parent though? Well, it’s one that will stop at nothing to get what they believe is best for their child.

Take it to the extreme

At the very extreme, this could mean compromising their values and integrity, such as going to Church to get your kid in the best school all the while being atheist! Or, by the other token, it could mean taking on two jobs, to ensure you have enough money to get your kid extra tuition to help them through a subject they struggle with.

Being an unpushy parent I’m the opposite. I don’t force my kid to do sports, I’d rather he discover what he enjoys and i’ll encourage it. I’d have no qualms about sending him to private school if the local schools were terrible – but they aren’t and so I don’t plan to. And yes, sometimes when there’s a long queue and I can’t be bothered to wait, I must admit, I do throw my weight around a little, but that’s out of impatience and not pushiness, I promise! You see… we all have a little bit of it in us don’t we!

Not too posh to be pushy

Being a pushy parent often comes with a negative tag, and at the extreme view I can see why. But actually, I don’t begrudge anyone that wants the best for the child. Even, if for me, that means not giving them the moon on a stick!

Do you think you’re an unpushy parent too? Share your thoughts with me…