Standing United for Humanity

United for Humanity

Like the rest of you, I was overwhelmed with grief this week when I saw the tragic image of a lifeless child face down in the sea, a victim of the refugee crisis.

An image so harrowing, yet so powerful, that I cannot possibly bring myself to post it. But if you have somehow managed to bypass it, google it with trepidation. The haunting image does not leave you easily. Especially if you’re a parent.

It once again reminded me that the power of a striking image can change history and action overnight. Just like the infamous ‘napalm’ photo from Vietnam.


If we ever doubted the future of newspapers in the modern era, we have just been served. Because there’s nothing quite like a national newspaper showing a poignant image on its front page, to get the world’s attention.

But how sad it is, that it took a fallen child for me (and a nation) to wake up to the severity of the situation.

But it has too brought out the best in humanity. The world of bloggers for one, have united to show their support, posting images of their children with plaques saying ‘It could have been me’ appealing to the public to donate. Just search the hashtag #SaveSyriasChildren to see a few, or check out fellow bloggers @wavetomummy, @domesticatedmomster, @youbabymemummy and @honestmummy.

I don’t have the answers. All I know is that I am extremely grateful for my blessings and will never take that for granted. And I feel bound and compelled to do my bit too.

The Independent newspaper ran this fantastic feature advising how you can help, which prompted me in to action:

Do take a look if you’re interested in doing your bit, it shows how you can donate financially, volunteering or with donations of clothes. Even the smallest contribution may help prevent another front page quite like the one we saw last week.

In tribute to Alan Kurdi and his family.


  • Amy

    Lovely post, I am so humbled in the way everyone pulled together and joined in. I set the group up on Thursday afternoon and by Saturday with the help of fellow bloggers we got it trending on Twitter! Fantastic work everyone, thank you for raising awareness in your blog post x

  • Thanks for your lovely comment. I agree, bloggers are showing their positive help.