Little Tikes Trike – Summer Toys for Tots

Summer toys for toddlers…

Is it just me or is England suddenly SCORCHIO!? Seriously, I can’t cope. I’m hot outdoors, I’m hot indoors, I’m hot in the car, I’m hot in the office and with all this sweating, I’ve never looked less hot!

On top of this, I realise I suddenly need to stock up on outdoor toys for the little one.

At two and a bit, my son needs more entertainment than ever. So, I do what I always do in times of need – I turn to Precious Little One for inspiration.

I love their website, and sure enough it conjures up a list of fun toys Boo needs in his life, including Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1.

Could it be the solution I’ve been looking for? Let’s find out…

Road testing the Little Tikes Trike

It arrives boxed up, requiring someone with a screwdriver (hello husband!) to put it together – it takes just 20 mins.

Named the ‘4-in-1’ the trike lives up to its name with adaptable stages that grow with your child from nine months to five years’ old.

The littlest of little people can start off being pushed around like folks in a mobility scooter! It’s extremely secure with lots of harnesses, waist bar, foot rest and a brilliant sun shade canopy. It very rarely topples over, but it’s something to keep your eye on.


(With all the gear – the ideal trike for babies                      With less protection, for an older child)

The next stage up encourages the child to pedal for themselves. Even with his long legs, my son is only just reaching these, so we decide to keep the parent bar to push him. Nonetheless, he is starting to comprehend the concept, proving that it’s a good introduction to riding a bike.

Up next, the waist bar can be removed as kids have the confidence to steer on their own.

The final stage, is when the child pedals for themselves, without the need for the parent steer to help them. Don’t worry – it has some sturdy brakes too.

Smooth Operator

From the get-go, the Little Tikes Trike is a hit, and I can see that the novelty won’t wear off. The wheels are pretty sturdy, and it’s hard to overturn it.

It’s a smooth ride, capable of all terrains. Thankfully, there are no annoying horns, bells or whistles either, making it a rather joyful experience for me!

We use the parent steer and it takes some getting use to, but is pretty easy to use. However, at times the little ones likes to steer, which means your battling against them.

When we try without the footrest, the pedals can be turned off, so they dont hurt him if you are driving. A neat idea.

The seat is easy to adjust and requires no technical prowess either.

Parent friendly too!

There’s an extremely handy ‘parent pouch’, with room for all your essentials; a water bottle, your wallet, some snacks and a neat little mobile phone holder – sweet!


The parent handle is extendable and ergonomically designed, so that it can be adjusted for different users. Rather handy with a tall Dad and small Mum.

Summer Loving

This is the perfect time of year to invest in a trike to get full use over the summer.

Boo loves throwing his toys in the back cart and pretending to pedal as I push him along. And even though it’s soooo hot outside, he’s always cool under the canopy which has really impressed me.

Just in time for summer, the Little Tikes Trike comes in three happy colours – teal, red and pink.



What we love

  • It grows as toddler grows, so a great investment
  • Handy (removable) shade for summer-summer-summertime!
  • A total bargain – currently on sale!
  • The parent steer and tray (which we all know is for our mobiles) make it easy for getting about
  • It’s not noisy!
  • It has longevity for many summers ahead…

Least Favs Bits

  • It’s heavier than you think
  • With the parent steer, it’s quite cumbersome to put in the car

The Technical Bit

Suitability:                   Age nine months to five years old

Weight:                       7.27kg

Height:                        92cm

Width:                         117cm

Depth:                         47cm

To sum it up…

YES. The Little Tikes Trike is a certified WINNER when it comes to children’s summer toys!

It’s versatile, it’s sturdy, it’s safe, it’s great for parents – it’s an all-rounder. It will get you out and about in the happy summer days. You’ll only be gutted that you didn’t get it sooner.

The Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike, is available from Precious Little One from £99.99 with free delivery. However, its’s *currently available for £67.95 using promo code KSF41 at checkout (*details correct of June 2017).


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