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It sounded a bit like a Christmas carol ’10 Jellycat Soothers, Five Next teething rings, Four Monkey toys…” It was in fact the generous list of toys we had been given for Boo’s birth.

It seems everyone has very similar taste and it got me thinking, what makes an original soft toy? Perhaps something that the masses won’t buy, and so my online pursuit began.

So here’s a few of the unique, original and slightly alternative soft toys out there to make yours stand out.

Miffy Newborn Toy

You may be surprised that Argos have a great selection of children’s toys.

I love this Miffy soft, as it’s made for newborn babies and is neutral enough if you don’t know what your friend is having yet.

Price: £17.99

Jellycat Toothy Shark

That silly gimpy grin is a winner in my house. On average, a parent will receive 10,000 Jellycat toys in their lifetime – I can guarantee most of them will be bunny soothers!

Be original with Mr Sharky here….

Price: £18.00

Wild Sloth

Monkeys, Dinosaurs and bunnies are all ok for newborns – so why not a sloth! It may encourage them to sleep ☺

I love this furry little number from Amazon, and for under a tenner it won’t break the bank either…

Price: £7.60

Care Bear, Grumpy Bear

We grew up with Toys R Us, so there’s something comforting about introducing our child to the toyshop we loved the most as a kid too. Talking of nostalgia, it doesn’t get better than the Care Bears, and this Grumpy bear is a proper trip down memory lane.

Note – this toy is not suitable from birth.

Price: £19.99

Lamaze Skunk toy

Another new word to add to your parenting vocabulary is ‘Lamaze’ – they specialise in toys that help engage with your baby. While all new Mums and Dads are likely to receive at least one Lamaze toy, why don’t you ‘Lamaze’ them yourself with this unlikely Skunk punk for their little stinker!

Price: £4.99

Minecraft Enderman Toy

If you’re looking for something original, alternative, or a tad bit…. different, then this pretty odd looking toy might just be for you! Please keep in mind that the toy is not suitable for under 3s, so will be a shelf dweller for a good while.

Price: £9.99