Top Five Essentials for New Parents

Hello baby, now what!? It’s ok, we’ve got it covered, here’s the top five essentials for new parents…

Let me guess, you’ve got a new baby, but no idea what to do with it! That’s ok, neither did any of us when we first became parents. But it’s amazing how much knowledge you acquire in such little time, and trust me – you’ll be changing nappies in the dark sooner than you know it!

But to give you a head start, here’s the top five essentials you need to have for your foray into parenthood. Get that credit card ready…

  1. Tomee Tippee Bin

Yes, ahem, my most valued must-have item for all new parents is indeed a bin! But this is no ordinary bin, oh no – it’s a bin with a twist… a sausage twist that is. The clever invention twists nappies into a sausage like wrap, to ensure smells are contained and squished down, making room for plenty more nappies. An extremely handy item in your baby’s first year, unless you plan on running in and out of the kitchen like you were Gordon Ramsay! The Tommee Tippee bin, available from£14.99

  1. Cradle Cap Shampoo

If the thought of your baby’s soft little head looking like it’s just been dunked in a bowl of cornflakes upsets you, then hot foot it to Boots and get yourself cradle cap shampoo. Cradle cap is quite common in little ones, but the good news is that it’s a very easy condition to resolve and the shampoo costs pennies!

  1. Essential Baby Car Seat

Now that you’re in this new clique of parenthood, you’ll suddenly realize a whole new world of products you never saw before. The Maxi-Cosi Pebble is one of them. This is the car seat to have for baby’s first year. Easy to attach to your stroller, and lightweight but strong enough to affix into your car. You will be grateful you invested in this award-winning baby seat, which your little one will be living in for quite a while. I’ve shopped around, and Amazon have the best range and offers.

  1. Baby Hand Kits

Trust me when I say, those little hands and feet don’t stay small for long. So, before your baby turns six months, be sure to capture their little hand and footprints for an eternity with baby hand and feet mould kits. They are quite fun and very simple to use, and the xxx one is my favourite as you can display the finished artwork afterwards. A bargain at £8.92.

  1. A Baby Bible

All the gear but no idea? Got a baby, but no idea to do with it? First-Time parent? Yes, Yes, and yes. Well then you most certainly need The First-Time Parent: Six Months on the Outside an essential book for every new parent, providing all the information you need to know about having a newborn, but no-one tells you. From learning how to swaddle like a pro, to buying placenta pills, to changing a nappy in a pub toilet. This is the only book like it on the market, and better still, it’s written by me! Available to buy on Amazon in paperback, or digital version for just £1 here >>>