Top Five Toddler DVDs, to get through the two’s!

Go ahead judge me, but without these DVD’s for my toddler, the terrible two’s would be a lot harder!

When your little bundle of joy turns in to a large bundle of crazy, you’re going to need some distractions. And yes I know, TV isn’t something we should be over-exposing them to, but I have to say, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it serves a purpose… in my house at least. So there, go ahead judge me, but it’s true!

So, what’s the most suitable programme for a toddler? I’m glad you asked…

1. In the Night Garden

Yes his name is Iggle Piggle, she’s the only Upsy one, and there’s some strange ‘tittifer’ birds that sing like they’ve just hit a helium balloon! Mock as you will, but there is nothing quite like In the Night Garden to entertain a little one. My son absolutely loves it, and not only that, but he seems to understand what’s going on.. which is more than can be said for me!

2. Shrek

I stumbled across this little bonus when exhausted (not hungover, definitely not… ) oneday and needed to crash out on the sofa. I scrambled to our DVD collection and put the jolly green giant on. Boo is always mesmerized watching this, and I don’t mind it being on either.

  1. Teletubbies

It must be something to do with the characters, as Teletubbies is yet another hit in many a toddler household. There’s lots of repetition, silly sounds and babies that seem to be like catnip to my little one – I’m sure I’m not alone on this…


4. The Furchester Hotel

In a similar vain to Sesame Street, The Furchester Hotel is a cult classic in the making. On the downside, you’ll have ‘a Furchester never gives up’ and ‘don’t check out, don’t check out’ going around and around in your head all day!



5. Sesame Street
It says something that this programme is as old as I am, yet hasn’t lost any of it’s magic. Because of all the DVDs I own, this is the one that is watched the most. Time and time again proving that Sesame Street is way ahead of its time. It’s super cute to watch Boo laughing at Cookie Monster the way I used to. Nostalgic and fun at the same time. Get hold of the 40th anniversary edition, for all the best bits. 



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