If you have a toddler, then you know all too well the gear you need to survive holidays.

The good news is that you can wave goodbye to milk bottles, bottle sterilisers and a lifetime’s supply of nappies…. Bad news, you’re gonna need to stock up on toys!

Fresh from our recent holidays to ‘Espana’, here’s five toddler essentials you too might need….

  1. Travel Potty

For any parent in potty training mode, or even past it, you will appreciate the urgency that comes when your child need to pee. So, having the flexibility of a potty on demand take a lot of stress out of travel.

The clever folk at My Carry Potty have come up with a colourful and smart potty that’s comfy for kids and leak-proof. Light and easy to carry, this was a Godsend during our recent travels. It meant that getting around the airport, or on the journey to our hotel was made easier, as we didn’t have to constantly look for signs especially when the locals didn’t speak English. An absolute must for any parent that appreciates convenience .. and their sanity!

My Carry Potty starts from £19.99

 2. Water Toys

Welcome to the age of splish and splash. I blame that Peppa Pig and all that jumping in muddy puddles! Whatver you do, don’t leave the house without adequate water toys for the pool. Big fire trucks that spray water, beach balls that float, bat and ball, Finding Nemo characters, bucket and spades and most of all inflatable toys. The brighter the better!. You get the picture. And even if you stock up on all of this and a million more, guaranteed your child will still want the toy of the child next to them! Stock up in style, waterside toy insecurity is not fun!


3. Kids Flip Flops

Once they’re sturdy enough on their feet, flip flops are a must for all those family photos you’ll be posting on Instagram! Make sure your kid is the coolest on the block with some pretty fancy footwear. Marks and Spencer’s range of flips are colourful and cute and won’t break the bank either!

M&S Kids Flip Flops, from £6


  1. Toddler holiday bed

You know I’m a slave to BabyBjörn, so if you haven’t heard me say this before, then let me tell you one more time – the travel cot is a must. It’s a great investment from as soon as your child is old enough to use one. However, it’s worth noting that they will probably grow out of it sometime around the age of three. Granted, at £179 it’s not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. And when it comes to sleep, it’s not worth compromising. Probably one of the best products we’ve reviewed, and can’t recommend enough… – from £179

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