To C or not to C

© Pixabay

The time has come to think about my birth options. I’ve gone private and have the option to push out the melon, or have him cut out like an avocado. It’s an easy decision for me, I’m not afraid of operations or scars, but I am of ruining the v-jay-jay or dealing with trauma. I know enough friends who have had such horrific childbirth stories that my mind was made up aged 21. I vowed if I ever found myself pregnant, I would go private and have a cesarean. True to my words I’m doing both, and you know what – it has proven so far to be the best decision I’ve ever made. Pricey – yes, but wise – definitely. For other medical reasons I won’t go in to, my consultant recommended a c-section might be the best course of action – but if I’m being honest – there was no way I was ever going to push. When women say to me ‘but what about the scar’ I inform them that they’re pretty much likely to have a scar if they decide to go ‘au natural’ and in a far worse place. No, I’m not too posh to push , I’m too lazy to labour, or to smart to suffer – you decide!


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