There’s only one Glastonbury..

Glastonbury rocks!

I took some comfort watching Glastonbury this weekend from the comfort of my baby sick stained sofa. I remember the festival back in the day when you could jump the fence, and a bottle of diamond white would see you through it! Oh yeah, we’ve always been classy.

But my favourite memory was actually last year when legendary Dolly Parton took to the stage. I was pregnant and hormonal which perhaps had something to do with it, but it will always stand out for me.

This years line up was the usual mish-mesh we’ve come accustomed to. From Kanye to Burt Bacharach, they sure know how to entertain to the masses.

Top Nine

Here’s our top nine artists that performed this weekend for other parents like us that were stuck at home and not there. Here’s some of our favourite tracks from the artists available to download direct from iTunes…

  1. Catfish and the Bottlemen – Kathleen
  2. Kanye West – Clique
  3. Burt Bacharach – What the World Needs Now
  4. Hozier – Take me to Church
  5. The Charlatans – Country Boy
  6. Years and Years – King
  7. Lionel Richie – Dancing on the ceiling
  8. Roy Ayers – Running
  9. Mark Ronson – Ohh we