A new appreciation of the old, the single and the disabled

A new appreciation has begun

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a pretty selfish life. I spent most of my twenties drinking, partying and falling in to cabs, I’ve only ever had to think about myself. Becoming pregnant has been a real wake up call.

Suddenly I see a new world that I knew was there but hadn’t acknowledged. For the first time, I have a huge respect for the elderly, the disabled and for single parents. Where once I shamelessly ushered old people along, I now see how difficult it is to get any pace when your body fails you.

The trials of transport

I will never again take for granted how difficult it is to plan a journey into London, when you have to pre-empt where the lifts are, when rush hour is, and if there’s enough room for a buggy to fit – because four wheels are suddenly part of your life. And most of all, I have nothing but respect for single parents.

Those that claim benefits are perfectly entitled to in my opinion – because no money in the world would make me want to be on this journey alone. Awaking to a baby every two hours when you have no one to help you must be challenging. Getting in and out of a car, feeding yourself, just having a bloody shower.

How do these incredible women and men do it alone?

This much I know

This much I know – having experienced just nine months of being a combination of these groups, I can tell you it’s tough – bloody tough, and my promise hereon in, is to be a better more considerate person to those going through more than just nine months of this.

Thank you pregnancy for teaching me to be a better version of myself. I won’t let you down little one.

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