The most important meal of the day

When you’ve got a newborn it’s hard to get your shit together! Yesterday it took me 2 hours to before I could grab breakfast, which was eventually enjoyed standing up in the kitchen, with watered down off-date milk, because that’s all I had. It’s so easy to get distracted, and I’m finding the lack of finishing a job really frustrating. For instance, breakfast was interrupted as I had to soothe a crying Boo, I had to wash a blanket he shat all over, the next my friend from home tries to FaceTime me. Enough already. So I’ve started to find expensive solutions to some of my problems – one being breakfast. If you haven’t already then stock up on cereal bars and pre-made muesli for the fridge, they are honestly life savers. Anything I can eat one-handed is my new BFF!

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