Lentil Recipes for Eeany Weaners…

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It’s true that a way to a man’s heart is through good cooking. So accurate is this, that I’ve recently realised it’s true of my son too. If you want a smile out of him, if you want a hug out of him, dammit if you want quiet out of him, food is the answer! And by the way, he is only six months old. These male genes are strong.

But home cooking has been somewhat of a hit and miss. On the upside, I have a new fan for some of my dishes (hoorah, at last!) but on the downside, he doesn’t hold back if he doesn’t like it.

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And so far, he doesn’t seem to like anything that requires effort to eat.

So, I was SO happy when I discovered one thing he loves – LENTILS. Yes, the humble little pulse, which my baby started out the size of (that still melts my heart), is a hit in our house.

I’ve got the Annabel Karmel cooking app and every cook book she’s ever written, and it seems she was ahead of the game with this one, as it heavily features in her reciepes.

True to her word, baby wolfed down every tasty little bite of her ‘Lentil and Tomato puree’ dish, available in her ‘Quick & Easy’ cookbook.

So, today I even managed to make a little video to go with it. One hours work condensed into 15 seconds – that sums up cooking for me!

I USED: Nuby Garden Fresh Blender, red split lentils, tomato passata, grated cheese, onion, garlic, celery, water, sweet potato.

OHHHH, IT TOOK ME: One long hour

YET, IT MADE: Six hearty dishes

NATURALLY, IT TASTED: De-bloody-licious!