The Joy of Six – Toys for Six Month Year Old Babies


Six Toys for Six Month Old Babies

Where have the days gone? A few weeks ago I was a bleary-eyed sleep deprived wreck, today I’m pureeing papaya and changing nappies with one hand!

Finally we have reached six months and this new period would require new toys. Toys that would aid his physical and mental development, now that he has found his voice and hands!

So I’ve been busy putting toys to the test, and here’s what I found for babies six months and up (in no order)…

1. Fisher Price Sunny Days – Jumperoo

Babies ‘R’ Us – £99.99 at

Say ‘Jumperoo’ to any parent, and they’ll nod knowingly. It’s the final word in baby bouncer/jumpers and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

Since Babies R Us were having a sale on Fisher Price items, this was my chance. I found it easy to assemble, very sturdy and secure. We sat Boo down and he got involved straight away. It was great to see him bouncing away like a madman, enjoying the calypso style tunes!

One of the best features is that the seat can rotate 360 degrees, allowing them to turn around and enjoy the different toys on display. And there’s plenty of them, from a three piece animal stand to a butterfly to chew on – all accompanied by lots of lights and happy tunes (with thankfully two volumes).

This is a great toy that serves two purposes. It keeps baby entertained for sure, but it also helps with development. Babies are rewarded with music for jumping, it aids hand-to-eye coordination and problem solving. As a bonus it encourages kids to use their legs too.

The only downside is that it will take over your lounge and it’s only for 6-12 month babies. However, for the fun and education it brings, I think it’s a great investment. Well done Jumperoo, you live up to the hype.

Overall: 10/10


Jumperoo 2

2. Taf Toys Touch Cube Baby Activity Toy – £12.99

My son loved playing with this toy from the moment he got his chubby little hands on it. It claims to help promote baby’s emotional, cognitive and physical development. I’m no baby whisperer, but from my own observations I could see that Boo was enthralled and stimulated by it. He liked it most when I dangled it over him while he tried to grab away, a fun game we play together often offset to lots of laughter. Other times he just liked a good chew on it. As an aside, the colours are bright and designs of cute animals adorable. It also has a pleasant gentle chime. For a small cube, there’s a lot for baby to discover and enjoy, and has become his ‘go to’ toy.

Overall: 9/10


3. Ambi Toy, Activity Case

Amazon, £19.99

There’s something about the Ambi activity case that reminds me of my childhood and doctors surgeries! As a gift for Boo it probably wouldn’t be the sort of toy I’d buy, so I was keen to try it even more. It has lots of little parts for your child to explore – naturally the swirly things and mirror being the most attractive! It’s a bit like a circus in a toy. Although aimed at six-month babies, I found it a bit heavy to leave around him and it was loud when it dropped. But he did seem captivated and interested in the activity centre, I could see his brain ticking over, so it’s definitely doing something. That said, he got bored of it easily and I had to put it in his hands to play with, so not a massive hit.

Overall: 6/10


4. Munchkin Caterpillar Spiller

Boots, £3.99

This is pocket money for a quick fix. Now granted it’s probably a little advanced for my six month old, so we might not have used it to its true potential, however it was a fun toy for the bath. The idea is to link the little pots together and let the water flow. I found that I had to guide him quite heavily on how to use it, and although he did find it entertaining, his interest did wane after a few splashes. I think this is a toy to come back to in the older months, but is a clever little idea. If anything, great value for money

Overall: 5/10


5. Chicco Playpad Playmat

Precious Little One, £44.99

Suitable from birth, we introduced this from about four months. However I was so pleased with it that I wanted to include it in this review. There’s an abundance of choice for playmats, this appealed to me as it has three arches with toys hanging off like ripe fruit. It is a great, safe place to put my baby down for some tummy time, and now learning how to crawl. The toys and colours encourage interaction and more than anything, it’s like his very own little place. It’s a little on the basic side, but it serves a great purpose.

Overall: 8/10


6. Lamaze Classic Discovery Book

Lamaze Toys, £7.99

Ah Lamze, is there any item of theirs we don’t own! I love reading to my Boo, so when I came across the Lamaze Discovery Book I had to buy it.

It’s not the most exciting of toys, but it’s affordable, cleverly designed and one of the few toys that calms him down rather than revs him up!

It’s thoughtfully designed with lovely textures and surprise treats like hidden squeakers, so I’ve found it great for his senses and to discover new sounds and textures. He’s also enjoyed chewing on it too!

Overall: 8/10


Toys for the future:

In the coming months we’ll test out more toys for advanced ages, so welcome all recommendations. I’m looking forward to this wooden Bear Stacker Toy and this ride on car!

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