The first day in the life of a working Mum!

After a year off to enjoy the delights of Judge Rinder, daytime walks and oh yeah, bringing up baby, it was time to return to the real world as a working Mum.

My 12-month expiry date had ended, and with the recent news that taking more than a year off on maternity leave can affect your career, I was keen to get back in the saddle.

It was a wrench leaving my baby at nursery and continues to be tough, but I think of how important it is for him and me both.

Like many Mums before me, I’ve decided to return part-time and I feel it gives me the best of both world, But anyway, enough about all the things you know. What about the things you don’t know, like what to expect on your first day back to work. I’m glad you asked….

My first day in the office from maternity leave


Baby wakes up, just to say ‘don’t forget about me’ – thanks


You try and remember how to apply make-up, as you slap on double the amount you’ve ever worn, in a failed attempt to look five years younger


Drive to work, realising you’ve completely forgotten the lanes you used to take. Blame baby brain.


Walk in the office, everyone’s head is down, it’s like you never left


Your office BFF gives you a hug, you shed a tear


The first of many calls to IT to sort out your laptop, which has wiped every memory of your existence. Hate PC’s, miss my mac.


First of several chats with other working Mums, who tell you that ‘it’s going to be ok’, giving you that knowing, comforting look


You don’t need the toilet but you go, jut for the novelty of being able to on your own!


It’s lunch ALREADY! Revel in the delight of being able to walk to Waitrose without a buggy and pick a sandwich someone has actually made for you, what a treat!

working mum



Eat at your desk, realising how unhealthy this actually is.


Starting to get tired. Why is no-one going for a mid-day walk?! Wonder how you ever held down a full time job before.


Time for a very strong coffee. A dirty habit you picked up on maternity leave.


Your computer is finally working; now you just have 1894592035 emails to sift through (I actually had 1,750!)


Decide to delete all emails, feel liberated.


Smugly create a new email signature that says ‘I only work Part Time’, knowing how much this will irritate everyone you work with. Sorry guys…


Start to pack your belongings, home time is coming..


Shut your computer down and race out of the office. You’re now a working Mum with a child to pick up from nursery within 55 minutes and counting…


You’re outta the office, you’re in the car, you’re winning…. then you get the call from nursery that your kid has a fever. When does it end 🙁

In Summary

And so, whoomph there it is! A day in the life of a working Mum. I’m sure it will get easier once I’m in some pattern and once Boo stops picking up every lurgy going at nursery, but that’s a whole other post!

If you’re returning to work after maternity leave, you’re going to enjoy it more than you think, but it’s still tough at times. As I keep telling everyone – work is the easy bit!

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