Retro Names – the Comeback Kids!

 2016 is here and with it a new year of bundles of joy on the way. Guess what, it’s all about retro names


Last year The Office of National Statistics announced that over 5,000 Amelia’s and 6,000 Oliver’s were born (in 2014), making them the most common and popular children’s names.

Furthermore, while traditional names will always linger in the Top 10, what about less common ones?

Because some less used names that are still in the top 100 include; Sonny (also the name of Noel Gallagher’s boy), Seth and Gabriel for little boys, as well as Thea, Willow and Harper for little madams. Plus, all these names have risen in popularity in past year and are likely to continue to do so.

So what about the year ahead? Surprisingly, we’re seeing a renaissance in vintage names…

The Comeback Kids

Anyway, already in the top 50 ‘comeback names’ are – Scarlett, Freya and Eliza for girls, and Edward, Arthur and Toby for boys. In the next few months this trend is likely to continue, with Bounty suggesting Jaxon, Hunter, Florence and Arya among names to watch.

Looking forward to our predictions… well I think ‘retro’ names are slowly sneaking back in to fashion. Think back to your Grandparents and their generation – the Hilda’s, Ivy’s, Frank’s and Bob’s of yesteryear. Some of the names I think will be big in 2016 – lets see this time next year…

Milk Drunk Top Boys Names of 2016

  • Freddie
  • Teddy
  • Eric
  • Jesse
  • Sidney

Milk Drunk Top Girls Names of 2016

  • Nancy
  • Gigi
  • Nora
  • Penelope
  • Martha

Still stuck for inspiration? Find out more baby names here.


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  • Pru

    And there was me thinking I was thinking outside the box with Nora. *face palm*