11 Truisms Every Parent Knows…

Babies are a bundle of joy aren’t they? Well here we celebrate 11 truisms every parent will nod at…

Oh how we love children, the /fun/pain/exhaustion they bring (delete as applicable). AS if that wasn’t enough, they even get ‘Baby Day’  on May 2nd.

So for all the worn out Mums and Dads in the world, we’ve compiled 11 truisms that every parent will nod along with.  A-ha I’m talkin’ to you…

11 joyous moments to look forward to

  • Weaning, gee that’s fun at first isn’t it. Seeing his little smile as you delicately spoon sweet potato into his cute little mouth… how short-lived that is! Fast forward to nine months and you’re literally tearing your hair out as baby won’t sit still, insists on throwing everything on the floor and will only east toast. FFS, where’s Ronald McDonald when you need him!
  • Cartoons schmartoons. You haven’t watched animation since Toy Story and you’re not about to get sucked in. But hang on, Timmy Time is actually rather funny, and there’s something about In the Night Garden that gives you a Ready Brek glow. Ok, so they aren’t soooo bad.
  • Now, let me get this straight – I can use parent parking even when I don’t have a baby with me, because I’m still a parent, right? Come on, it went through your head didn’t it!?
  • Pampers Roulette is what we call it in our household. The one who sniffs it has to clean it. It’s either that or nappies being flung at dawn, and lets face it – no-one wants that!
  • You always dreaded the day you would have to fly with a screaming baby, only to realise everyone is SO lovely. Cabin crew are basically the world’s best babysitters.

Yes, there’s more…

  • Seeing your parents with your child is like a glimpse into your childhood. You never know how patient they were with you, or that they used to sing all those songs, it’s slightly odd, but deeply touching.
  • Yeah you are. You became that parent, the one you said you’d never be. The one who posts 450 photos on Facebook every day. The one who has an opinion on breastfeeding in public and the one who cut their hair to a manageable length. Stop denying, you so know it!
  • You start to wonder how you ever coped with hangovers, and almost stop drinking as a half glass gives you a headache these days… almost….
  • The camaraderie of working parents. If you go back to work, you’ll know what I mean. It’s like a war time spirit – that knowing wink that sympathetic smile for Pat in the office, you’ve joined the club.
  • Your once impeccable house, decorated in shades of ‘duck egg’ with expensive pointless ornaments from the White Company has been replaced with a sea of primary colours, loud bulky toys and snot rags. I know…
  • Hankies at the ready, because you will never be able to watch TV the same way again. Everything makes you cry and if it doesn’t your child will just ruin it by waking you up screaming. Ah parenthood, it’s soooo rewarding!

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