Super Mum’s Greek Lamb with a lemony ting!

Lamb the Greek way…

We’ve all been there. It’s 1pm, you’re still not dressed, you’ve got a crusty bit of cereal stuck to the side of your head, and the relatives are about to descend…

While no one expects new parents to be able to do much more than ‘exist’, you still need to eat, and possibly make a cup of tea for guests. But food is important right now – nourishing meals gave me the strength I needed in those draining first few weeks (hark at me sounding like a pro, my baby is only f-o-u-r months old, what do I know!), I can’t recommend a good diet enough.

So, forget cooking and freezing food like a maniac, as everyone suggests. Instead, get yourself signed up to Tesco or Ocado (see previous post Shop till they drop) – it gives a new meaning to meals on wheels.

One of the easiest, tastiest and most nourishing dishes I made in those lost weeks was this Greek Island Lemony Lamb. Inspired by visits to the Greek islands, crazy relatives and recipes from Tessa Kiros Food From Many Greek Kitchens cookbook.

Delicious delights

Lamb is a great source of protein and is of course red meat, essential for iron in those early days. The carbs in the potato keep you going, the lemon and oil are a good combination for keeping you ‘regular’ (you know what I’m sayin’) and the onion and garlic are good for the soul. But maybe not romance J.

It cooks for hours, so has that juicy tender slow cooked taverna tate to it.

The key with this dish is being prepared as it requires overnight marinating, but it’s super easy to put together and will amaze your guests.

Serves four hungry people


The juice of 5 lemons
125 ml Olive Oil (we like Jamie Oliver’s)
A tablespoon of oregano
1-1.5kg leg of lamb
5-7 Maris Piper potatoes
1 Onion
1 clove of garlic
Side of veg (get the microwavable sort)

Suggested soundtrack – try Helena Paparizou for authentic Greek


Take your lamb out of the packaging, stab it a few times (go easy!) and put some cut slices of garlic cloves in the holes.

Place the lamb in a big baking dish.

Juice the lemons, mix with water and oregano and oil and pour over the lamb.

Cover three times with tin foil and maybe put in a plastic bag as it is pleasantly pungent.

Leave. Go watch some bad TV, we recommend ITV Be….

The lamb needs to be turned every few hours to get the full lemony sensation. There’s no science behind it, just every 2-5 hours or so.

MDD - post Picture - -04   MDD - post Picture - -05   MDD - post Picture - -06   MDD - Post Picture - -08


Keep on turning the lamb, until…

1pm – turn your oven on to 180 degrees and slam the lamb in the oven.

2pm – turn the oven down to 150 degrees and turn the lamb.

3.30pm – start peeling and slicing those potatoes and onions, give baby to someone to look after (perfect excuse)

4pm – add potatoes, onion and go on, a bit more oregano and salt to the dish. Give the lamb a turn, go easy as it will be tender.

4.30pm – think about opening that bottle of Malbec, it’s calling your name…

5pm – give the potatoes and lemon a turn.

MDD - Post Picture - -096pm – remove the foil, shuffle the potatoes and return to the oven now at 200 degrees.

6.20pm – there’s nothing wrong with frozen veg, it’s packed with goodness. Get one of those micro pouches from Birds Eye and put in the microwave as advised on packet.

6.25pm – Remove from the oven, let rest.

6.30pm – served to salivating guests, while finishing that malbec.

7pm – do not wash up, it’s the cook’s prerogative to delegate this to someone else!