SUN, SEA AND ZZZ: Review of the BabyBjorn Travel cot

Summer is the perfect excuse  for a new wardrobe, and by that we mean lots of things for your baby, including this limited edition BabyBjorn travel cot


As a huge fan of BabyBjörn (read more here) it was my perfect excuse to indulge in something new. I present – the watercolour turquoise BabyBjörn Travel cot light. And if you’ve been watching the runways, you’ll know it’s all about blue this summer.

With a holiday to Greece to look forward to, it was time to put it to the test…


Ease to put together: 5/5

Now since, I’m not very good at putting things together. Yet, even with my lack of patience, this was super-duper easy to work out. There are just two parts in total – the mattress and the frame. They fold into each other and are cased in a chic little bag. While on my first attempt it took about seven minutes to put up. Having done it a few times, it now takes a handful of minutes. I think it takes about three steps in total. This is such an important feature, when you consider arriving in hotels late and just wanting to get everything put down. Well thought out with parents in mind.  Installation video here:

Comfort level: 5/5

My little one hadn’t been well, so the week before holiday we were exhausted and all in need of sleep. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air, the medicine or the cot. I would like to think it’s the later that made him sleep 12 solid hours! Furthermore, the travel cot is perfectly sized to make baby feel snug, with plenty of room to trash about in. He was always happy to be put down and the mattress is perfectly padded for comfort.

Weight: 5/5

Because 6kg probably doesn’t mean much to you, if I said the BabyBjörn Travel Cot light weighs the same as a watermelon, you get the picture! It was easy enough to carry in one hand and withstood the turbulence of transportation without any problems.

babybjornDurability: 4/5

Cased in its own bag and neatly folded inside, the cot can withstand the odd bash for travel. Nonetheless, the bag is very light and not for hard wear. The cot itself was very steady and secure, even when Boo decided to get up and jump about.  While it may look thin but the netting is durable and very safe. A lot has been put into this item being light for travel. However, with that comes some trade off with it not being some bulky metal contraption – while that’s no bad thing! Worth noting that the cot is suitable for 0-3 year olds, so a good long-term investment.

Safety: 5/5

So, as you know – I’m a stickler for safe, well-made, quality products and BabyBjörn get my gold star for the top brand in this category. With the cot being on the floor, you didn’t have to worry about baby falling out. All the materials used have been widely tested and considered and I felt very confident about my precious one sleeping in this.

Sleep Quality: 5/5

Since sleep is the key here, and after a week of putting up with my child snoring next to me, I can pretty much say this ticks all the boxes!

babybjornStyle: 4/5

I’m a big fan of simplicity, and in their trademark style. BabyBjörn have made a simple, practical and modern product in the travel cot light. There’s no gimmicks, silly baby designs or ugly colours. It’s a quality product made with parents in mind. Their new watercolour range includes shades of pink and blue that offer versatility and a touch of colour to your travel.

Finally – in conclusion 94%

In summary, BabyBjörn travel cot is an excellent item that every parent needs for travelling. Granted, at £179 it’s not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. And when it comes to baby (and sleep for that matter), it’s not worth compromising. Probably one of the best products we’ve reviewed, and can’t recommend enough…

For more info on BabyBjorn, please visit – item  available in all good retailers, including; Precious Little One, John Lewis and Mothercare.

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