The perfect toddler Christmas dinner with Stokke

Milk Drunk Diary’s Merry guide to the perfect toddler’s Christmas dinner!


Christmas Day 2015

One of the many delights of owning a toddler, is food time. My nearly-two year-old has evolved from a compliant little weaner, into a fiercely independent fusspot.

In no time at all, he has outgrown Cindy doll sized spoons and bowls, along with his high-chair which he now launches food off like some 16th century King!

So with Christmas coming and a very exciting family meal to look forward to, it was the perfect time to re-evalute his eating arrangements.

Fussy Toddler Feeders..

I love the bright coloursWe were recently on holiday in the UAE and noticed that every restaurant had a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. To say ‘once used, forever converted’ is an understatement.

It sometimes takes a change of scenario to make you realise that your baby’s needs have changed. So, seeing him sit in the Stokke high chair was the awakening I needed.

Unlike his current baby chair which comes with its own table, the classic Stokke high chair, positions baby at your table so he is part of the dining experience. When you think of the social side of eating with Mummy and Daddy, and a toddlers necessity to copy everything he see’s. It’s actually a great solution to making meal times a lot easier.

Road Testing The Stoke Tripp Trapp

But first of all, which to choose? There are 12 colours available, including festive red and green shades, as well as wood, walnut and my preference – classic white.

There’s also some nice accessories to go with it, including luxurious padded cushions. We opted for the ‘aqua star’ print – others available include stripes, retro cars, tweed and chevron among other designs.

stokke close up  toddler meal

London living means compact living, so the fact that this takes up minimal room is a real bonus. Other important features are the adjustable height and depth, and it being a lightweight (7kg) product. It’s suitable from birth to 36 months, so a real investment too.

Unlike my current high chair, which has lots of places for mess to live, this highchair is wipe clean and easy for day-to-day use.

Although the Tripp Trapp dates back to 1972, it’s not dated. Far from it – this ergonomic design is as relevant today as ever. In fact, they recently introduced free engraving on the chair. How I wish I had thought of getting ‘diva’ on mine, it would have been so fitting!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp arrived before Santa, just in time for a Christmas warm-up. It arrived in a guitar style box, I thought Justin Beiber had sent me a gift. Then I realised, ah it was my online purchase! It wasn’t too hard to set up either, it’s a straightforward piece of equipment and in no time we were up and running!

Cute kids cutlery

xmas napkinTo add a little j’en ai c’est quoi to proceedings, we invested in a kids cutlery set that would serve us well over the festive period.

If you’re looking for special silverware, I’m a big fan of Arthur Price. We bought this Gruffalo set online for £24, and it includes a baby size fork, knife and spoon – although he seems to use the fork most. They fit perfectly in little hands and make him feel like a ‘big boy’ too!

Five places will be set at our table this Christmas
kids christmasOur little Boo is going to join us at the table for Christmas dinner this year, along with Granny and Grandad Boo.

My ploy is to serve Bucks Fizz early on, and get them drunk enough to dull their taste buds to my cooking!

We will serve a traditional turkey dinner, complete with sprouts (babies are the few species that love them!), roast potatoes and lots of veg.

He will avoid gravy due to its high salt content, and walnuts and chestnut stuffing, as they are easy to choke on. But everything else is good. Little ones love a mince pie!

What about weaners!?

ellas kitchenI hear you say. Well, last year Boo was weaning, and I remember wanting him to be involved in Christmas dinner, but not being quite ready to wolf down the 23803 calorie meal we were having! So, we opted for an Ella’s Kitchen ‘Jingle Belly Christmas pouch’ instead. I wanted to give it a shout out, as they are doing them again this year, with proceeds from this going towards Save the Children. 

Eat, Drink, Be Merry!

Christmas is all about fun times and happy memories. We wish you and yours a happy, peaceful and tantrum-free Yuletide, I’ll drink to that!

Have fun one and all. xoxox


The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair starts at £169, and is available at – now with free name engraving. 

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