Princess Leia – the ultimate female role model for boys!

As a girl growing up in the 80s, I’m pleased to say I was (and still am) a Star Wars fan. I had all the characters from Princess Leia to Chewy.

So, naturally now my kid is of age, I’m excited to introduce him to one of the classic movies of all time. Also, of the most important female role models of all time, but we’ll come to that later….

The Endor Adventure starts here…

Hasbro have just launched the ‘Star Wars Forces of Destiny Endor Aventure’ set. For Mums, Dads, tots and fans, it’s a great introduction to the much loved characters.

The figurines can be posed, dressed and encourage imaginative play at its best. When in doubt, imagine epic adventures defending against the empire in the deep heart of the forest!

What’s in the box?


The anticipation starts before you even open the box. Both characters displayed clearly so you get a sense of excitement to rip it open!


The 11 inch Princess Leia adventure figure is pretty awesome Like any good woman, she comes with her own wardrobe including sandals, helmet and warrior poncho. She also comes with a bow/arrow and gun/gun belt – well she is American!Her hands and feet are easy to move too.

Wicket the Ewok

The fuzzy little Ewok is super cute with a hood that can be removed. I should add that all the clothes stay on really well and are hard to rip off and loose. Toys have come a long way since I was a little girl back in the 80s!

The best thing about Wicket the Ewok is that he is covered in a fuzzy layer of fur, it’s brilliant fun and my son is enchanted by him!

Gender universal

Hasbro have done an excellent job in making this universally appealing. It’s great for girls and boys, and is neither marketed at one or the other.

This is really important to me as a parent. I want to encourage my son to grow up without stereotypes and boundaries.

Since Boo doesn’t have a sister, I want to make sure he is still exposed to toys like Barbie and Princess Leia, as much as Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam!

Princess Leia is an important female role model. She held her own amongst warriors, she was not a Princess that needed to be ‘saved or rescued’ in the feeble way so many female characters are portrayed. She was effortlessly cool, respected and was beautiful in a way without having to flaunt it. If there was ever a female icon, she’s the one.

Yes I’m immensely proud that my son loves her as much as I do, and love seeing the fun he has making up stories with her. More boys need Leia in their lives!

Together with Ewok, they make a great pair.

It’s a brilliant toy that offers hours of creative play and fun, bringing all the magic of Star Wars to a new generation. The only thing I’m not massively keen on is the gun. But this can easily be removed and doesn’t affect any element of play.

The Star Wars Forces of Destiny Endor Adventure starts from £39.95 in all good stores, including; Tesco Direct and Toys R Us. Suitable for children 4+.

Sophia is proud to be an ambassador for Hasbro toys, and as such is invited to preview new releases to share with readers. Products are always personally chosen and views are always honest and her own.

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