Songs to give birth to…

Songs to give birth to…

To distract oneself from the thought of giving birth, putting together a birth playlist can be a welcomed side project. Especially in the ominous days of waiting around (aka – ‘birth limbo’)!


Music is always the answer. It can calm, it can uplift, it can be the poetic soundtrack to momentous occasions in your life. Thus, it has to be done.

Start by thinking about what songs you’ve played the most, that will add comfort to a possibly difficult time, and that may well give you the distraction needed.

Breathe and Smile

If you want to add a glint of humour to your soundtrack, there’s some great classics from Salt N Peppa and Queen. Here’s five songs you won’t want to leave out…

  1. Push it – Salt n pepper
  2. Born Slippy – Underworld
  3. All the single ladies – Beyonce
  4. Sex is on fire – Kings of Leon
  5. I want to break free – Queen

Zen and Jazz

Find the genre that puts you at ease. For many this is jazz, soul fusions, with a touch of zen. A few great songs to include could be:

  1. Like a star – Corrine Bailey Rae
  2. Someone to watch over me – Amy Winehouse
  3. God bless the child – Billie Holiday
  4. Come away with me – Norah Jones
  5. Zero 7 – In the waiting line
  6. Corrin Bailey

Touching Tracks

For the sentimental type, why not conjure up a list of uplifting, emotional beats to be the soundtrack of your new family. A few could include

  1. Ribbons in the sky – Stevie Wonder
  2. Just the two of us – Will Smith
  3. How sweet it is (to be loved by you) – Marvin Gaye
  4. Love me tender – Elvis Presley
  5. Go gently – Robbie Williams

So there you have it, the top lists for giving birth to.