Ten Songs for your Birth Playlist!

Songs to give birth to…

To distract myself from the thought of giving birth, I put my birth playlist recently.

Knowing I’m going to have cesarean has eased some of my fears. Well actually my huge fear – childbirth. I know, I’m a Mum blogger with a fear of childbirth, it’s true.

Nonetheless, the unknown of having a major operation to have a child is still scary. And so I turn to music.

I figured a sharp playlist of upbeat tunes, with some dark humour thrown in will get me through it. I mean, what else is the Salt N Peppa classic ‘Push It’ for, if not for welcoming your first born into the world!

So indulge me if you will, but here’s ten songs on my playlist, that you might want to steal for yours too:

  1. Push it – Salt n pepper
  2. Born Slippy – Underworld
  3. All the single ladies – Beyonce
  4. Sex is on fire – Kings of Leon
  5. Get the party started – Pink
  6. Love Hangover – Diana Ross
  7. Gimme Gimme Gimme (a man after midnight) – Abba
  8. I want to break free – Queen
  9. Just the two of us – Will Smith
  10. And…. anything by Destinty’s Child