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pexels-photo-199497If you wonder what it takes to be a Parent Blogger star, check out the following five tips curated from influencers…

It was probably circa 2008 when the world ‘new media’ started to become a buzzword. Until brands realised it wasn’t a fad and rebranded it to ‘social media’ – no longer was it ‘new’… it was established and here to stay.

Today social media is currency.

If you’re young and savvy with an opinion and iPhone, you can set yourself up as a ‘Vlogger’, broadcasting everything from the interesting to the inane, to a global audience. If you’re a wordsmith and have some technical prowess, then you can become a blogger as I did. Or if you’re more of a visual type, then you can create quite a following sharing your gallery on Instagram or Pinterest. There’s an outlet for everyone.

So why are brands turning to social stars, over traditional outlets?

Simply put – influence and reach.

Traditionally, newspapers were one of the preferred outlets for marketers to reach an audience, but newspapers are losing readers. The Guardian for instance has 145,000 circulation, but the Mail Online has 2.3 million daily unique users.

Meanwhile, Zoella (@Zoella), can reach 7.3 million followers on Twitter –seven times more than The Times.

While Perez Hilton – the original blogger, has nearly 2 million likes on his Facebook page alone.

Social media is the buzz word of the century, and we the people are the stars.

So how do you become a social media superstar? Easy, right? No, not quite.

Since anyone can set up as a blogger, vlogger or online influencer, competition is huge – success is not instant.

But look at some of the success stories and they have a common thread. They all have a passion for a niche, they deliver rich content, and they speak to their audience as ‘one of them’. And – they’ve worked hard to get where they are.

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach – Mr ‘Lean in 15’ has built an empire on simple to follow exercise routines and healthy meals. He’s relatable, consistent and a regular Joe… so to speak!

Zoella again, a normal girl, sharing her tips and speaking to her audience, in a very similar way that Tanya Burr did.

So these are the lessons we can learn…

1. Have a Passion
Whatever you decide to write, blog or talk about – make sure you love it. You don’t have to be the world’s no. 1 authority on it, but without a passion, no-one’s going to believe you.

2. Be relatable
Put it this way, if you’re a rich kid of Instagram posting stories from your Fiat Punto – it aint gonna work! You need to be ‘one’ of your audience. Deliciously Ella embodies the person her followers want to be. She’s all about clean living, organic products and a healthier lifestyle – something her readers value. She is true to herself, her followers feel like she’s their friend. And that’s when you’re on to a winner.

3. Know your niche
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about blogging, it’s about knowing your audience, and I’ve found that Twitter is the perfect place to chat. If you don’t mind getting technical, then download the Yoast widget or Jetpack to your blog to start finding out more about your audience. This will all help refine who you are talking to.

Twitter Analytics is also another great tool in understanding your audience, and when they are online. Facebook and Instagram also offer such insight. This blog started out as a family website for parents of all ages, I soon realised that it was trying to cover too much ground. I went back to my roots and stuck to what I know –being a new parent, and focusing on first-time parents.

4. Stick at it
Unless you’re extremely lucky, you won’t become famous overnight. Competition is tough and it’s a test of attrition. But stick at it. If you can create and share content for the sheer love of it, then that should be motivation enough – anything else is a perk.

5. Engage with your audience
And finally. To be a social media star, you have to be accessible, available and a ‘friend’ to your audience. Respond to messages you receive on Twitter. Share other posts you get on Facebook. Do ‘Snapchat’ and Instagram Live so your audience can see your life behind the scenes. But remember that this dialogue is not just one-way. Ask your readers their thoughts, get them to be involved, run polls and give-away’s. But above all, be yourself.

I originally wrote this post for Bloggers Required which has been repurposed for this blog.

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  • john adams

    Most important suggestion there, I think, is be relateable. You audience must be able to “get” you.

  • Thanks John, it’s very true