Snot funny

Snot a joke!

Listen up, don’t become a parent if you can’t deal with grossness, because it’s about to become your new world. At first when Boo was sick on me I’d change my tshirt immediately. Now, in this every-day occurrence, I let it dry in and wonder how many more days I can wear it!

Grossed out

The grossness cumulated today when I found myself finger deep in his nose sucking out a big green bogey. When friend and seasoned Mother Ashley gave me a box of essential items before birth I laughed at the baby nasal decongester she included. I aint never gonna be that Mum I smugly thought. Oh how wrong I was. So non-believers, if you don’t have one, go out today and get one, as I assure you, this will be your new BFF. While I’m at it, I also found ‘Vapour Rub’ by Snuffle Babe quite handy. If your boo is young, then just rub a dab on the soles on their feet and let it work its magic.


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