Can wearing slippers help your child’s behaviour?

A friend recently mentioned that she’s petitioning for slippers to be worn at her child’s school! Like you, I thought this was quite odd until she pointed out a recent study. And you know what,  there is some method to the madness.

Research has shown that wearing comfier footwear helps children feel more relaxed and comfortable. Sure, go ahead and scoff, but I think there’s something in this!

Work it baby

At work, I’ve always felt more restricted , less creative and definitely less of myself when I’ve worn suits. As a result, it’s my rule to wear comfy clothes that create the freedom I need to think laterally. And for me it works, although sadly I’m not the smartest dressed person in the office… but by far always the most creative.

And think about it, have you ever been to one of those ‘creative’ agencies in London – everyone’s dressed in funky clothes, jeans, ‘smart-casch’ they call it or something.

The Study

The kids slipper study took place at Ysgol Emmanuel Primary school, and was reported in the Mail Online a few weeks ago.

Forget educational toys, I think slippers might just be the way forward.

Kids, I think you’re on to something! What do you think?

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