In the second part of  ‘Great Family Day’s Out’, we take a visit to London’s Shrek’s Adventure. Let the fun begin!

So, there I am, mouth wide open with my dentist poking my gums preparing for the only crown I’m likely to receive, when he turns and says to me: ‘You have to take the kids to Shrek’s Adventure!’.

Now, my dentist is a man whose advice I always listen to… on all levels. He also has young kids and told me that it was one of the best day’s out they’ve had in a while.

Teeth sorted, tickets booked, packed-lunch not quite packed, we scurried off the Shrek’s Adventure in London’s Southbank.

Brilliantly Bonkers

Perfectly described as “brilliantly bonkers”, I was keen to check out London’s newest and most talked about family attraction, bringing one of my favourite animated films to life.

The first thing you’ll notice is the happy American greeters who welcome you with big wide grins and get you clapping along! A-huh, this is a fully immersive experience where you get stuck right in.

You start off on a 3D bus on a journey to Shrek’s forest. The technology is i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e, I mean you truly believe you’re flying, although the witches can spook out younger ones.

I won’t spoil it for you, as it’s something you have to enjoy for yourself, but the theatrical journey takes you through ‘rooms’ of activities, where everyone gets involved. All your favourite characters from Shrek films make an appearance, from Donkey to Puss in Boots.

Have you seen the Muffin Man?

The Muffin Man was a definite favourite, along with the Fortune Teller – I think there were times I was laughing more than my son, so this definitely ticks the ‘family’ box – it’s not just geared for kids. On that note however, there are a few hair-raising moments – the witch, the darkness and the room of mirrors (not for the claustrophobic!). All enjoyed by the older kids, but a little overwhelming for my three-year-old.

Saving the best for last

You’ll be thrilled to know that you come face-to-face with Shrek at the end for that all important selfie moment! There’s also a couple of cute photo opps and activities at the end that the younger kids really enjoy. If you can escape the gift shop without a cute gingerbread man, you will have done well! I have to say, all the merchandise is brilliant, you really want to scoop it up and take the lot home with you!

For sure, this is  an unforgettable family day out, brilliantly produced by Universal. I would say it’s ideal for families of kids aged 5-12 year’s old, and for anyone who loves the film, it’s a must!

Family friendly

Just a few things to note – there’s buggy access throughout so you’re fine to bring your wheelers with you. However, there’s no food outlets here, so be sure to bring snacks if the little kids are likely to get hungry. There are plenty of restaurants such as Giraffe and Wagamama in walking distance though.

Its core opening hours are 10am-4pm most days, but do check their website before coming.

If you’re a fan of cereals in your house, you’ll notice there’s a promotion going on at the moment with Kelloggs, which makes it an even more affordable way to visit. Tickets start from £19, and can be booked at: https://www.shreksadventure.com/london/tickets/

Now if you don’t mind, I have to go and bake some gingerbread men.

Happy Shrekking!

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