Baby Shopping list for your Newborn!

 The other day out of the blue a pregnant friend asked me what essential items she needed to buy for her baby. After a few minutes, I remembered that I had compiled a list of everything I bought for moments just like this!

With so much love put in to updating it, I thought you too might find it useful. Please note, this is by no means an extensive list and does not include a baby stroller, but it does cover the essentials…
Between 0-6 months – baby will probably sleep in your room. Cue lots of cute coos and noises throughout the night like a gremlin!
If you decide to breastfeed exclusively you might want a cot-side bed, which allows easy access for the baby, like these.
As babies have to sleep flat on their back for this time, a cocoonababy can be a good investment, while a downstairs moses basket is cheap to pick up (£25 in John Lewis).
Babies sleep in grobags until they are 2 or 3 years’ old, and Grobag is the leader in the industry. Think of it as a duvet sleeping bag for a kid, there are different sizes and different togs for different seasons, so before buying any, think of the time of year they will use them.
If you need a cot, check out John Lewis range, which is made with little ones in mind. Always a big fan of the Lewis!
Whether you decide to breastfeed or not, I cannot tell you how useful it is to have a baby bottle. Particularly in the first few weeks and when you’ve got a screaming hungry kid, and you’re exhausted. You will be SO thankful that you had an emergency bottle.
These Cow & Gate instant feeding bottles should be handed out in maternity wards for that very reason. I look forward to the day they are.
Friends rave about these Tommee Tippee bottles, which seem to make the transition from boob to bottle easier. Just note that you have to change the teat every few months as the baby gets older for different flows.
On that note, if you are planing to pump, then the Medela Swing breast pump is one of the best on the market. If you want to go full throttle, buy the double pump.
When it comes to avoiding ‘cheesy neck’ there’s nothing better than the padded bibs from Tommee Tippee.
Just for the first few weeks while you’re sorting everything out, get the Pampers newborn nappies with the line on them, so you know when they’ve gone for a wee. These are the best. As baby gets older, ditch the pampers for Tesco, which in my opinion are the most reliable. A lot of new Mums and Dads also recommend the Lidl range too.
Many say they are natural, but most of them aren’t. Read the ingredients carefully.  Water wipes are the only ones I trust –  along with these Huggies ones that have never irritated.
They really don’t play with much as this age, but since they can’t see in full colour, black and white books are supposed to stimulate them, also a little playmat that encourages ‘tummy time’ is good. Sophie le giraffe is an essential too!
Yes, get newborn clothes as well as 1-3 months as they will need them. But dont go crazy as you will receive so many from friends! The best shops for kids clothes are Tesco, Gap, Next, Mothercare and Marks and Spencer – always lovely and soft and they wear well. Other essentials you need are:
  • scratch mits
  • hooded towels
  • lots of baby grows  (they go through about 5 a day sometimes!)
  • lots of stuff to layer them with
  • Car seat – you won’t be allowed out of hospital without one. The Maxi Cosi Pebble is a great option.
  • Isofix – YES you need this. Go to Halfords and get it fixed, once in  you can use it for years.
  • Cellular blankets – Mothercare (the only blankets they can have as it allows them to breathe)
  • Baby changing mat, possibly a changing table
  • Top and tail bowl
  • Sleeping maternity bra
  • TONS of cotton balls
  • Nose decongested for baby (you will be sucking snot out!)
  • Snuffle baby rub – when they get a cold (and they will) you can rub this on the soles of their feet
  • Cheap muslin cloths
  • Tommee Tippe nail scissors – the only ones that didn’t mane my Boo!
  • Sudocrem
  • Lanolin (if you breastfeed) GET THIS!!
  • Persil non-biological liquid. You probably know this, but babies can only use this washing powder and you need to wash all their clothes in it beforehand.
  • Nappy sacks!
  • Tomee Tipee nappy bin (you will need cartridges too) this is my SECOND Most essential item which you will use for years to come.
  • Cot mobile
  • Baby brush
  • Swaddling blanket