Roses are dead this Valentine’s Day!

I know I’m supposed to revel in Valentine’s Day and this should be a heartfelt feature about what to buy your loved one. But there’s a trillion Hallmark stamped posts out there if that’s your thing.

Choccies, flowers, perfume – boring, boring, boring! valentine's

So here’s five original, alternative and inspiring ideas for new parents, who like myself, might have forgotten to spread the love fairly over the past few months. Perhaps it’s a good thing after all that we have a day dedicated to remembering each other.



I like to call this catchy post – ‘Five nice things to do for your loved one,who happens to be a neglected new parent, this Valentine’s Day’. 

1. Bum Note…

In a time before Twitter and cool gifts from Oliver Bonas, a time when people would *actually* talk to each other, love notes were de rigueur. You too can rekindle this lost Dickensian art by scribbling some poetic words to your other half. But where to hide it I hear you say – well that’s what babies are for. Sneak it in to their nappy, avoid giving them prunes for a few hours, and get your better half to do the honours. It gives a whole new meaning to bum note, but hey – you can’t deny it’s not thoughtful!

2. Romeo or Juliet?

A child is not just for Christmas, they’re for Valentine’s Day too. Despite a distinct lack of fancy dress Cupid costumes available (hello Mothercare, you’re missing a trick), it’s actually quite easy to replicate yourself. All you need is a nappy, a pair of angel wings saved from that horrific hen night you were forced to go to, and a halo (cut a toilet roll in half if you have to). Cupid all dressed up, bring him in to Mummy/Daddy for breakfast and you’ve brought a smile to their face at least. Brownie points all around…

Valentine's Day3. Winona Forever

I’ve been toying with getting a tattoo for a while, I’m just waiting for Bang Bang to come to London, so he can etch my husband’s name on my arm. It would indeed make the perfect Valentine’s gift – I mean, try and trump that.

But while I procrastinate, I might, just for shits & giggles, get my son to squiggle something on my arm in black pen, in the hope that for even a split second my husband believes that I’ve been inked. If you happen to do this one, let me know how you get on, eh…

4. The Princess and the Frog

There’s nothing like having a child to bring out a competitive streak in parents. My husband is always trying to outdo me – we take our competitiveness to ridiculous lengths sometimes, that’s what happens when two Alphas marry! But, egos aside, you can really get one up on them, with this rather novel idea, so to speak. There’s a number of children’s books that can be personalised – all you have to do is buy ‘Princess and the Frog’, change the names to his and yours, and wait for bedtime to come to see his reaction. It’s quite a cute thing to do actually, and baby gets to be involved too. Ah, see we do have a soft side.

 The Stylist, Rosie Nixon5. And Finally..

Dear men, you think it’s girlie nights out, an hour in front of the mirror and wearing high heels that we miss the most. Well, obviously we mourn them, but one thing any new Mum misses dearly is the simple pleasure of precious ‘me time’. Those lazy, indulgent, selfish Sunday mornings when you would lounge in bed, mug of cocoa in one hand, The Sunday Times Style or a good book in the other.

Win ‘Husband of the Year’ then give this time back to your loved one. Invest in a brilliant read, I recommend Rosie Nixon’s The Stylist, out this week and reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada. Attach a loving message to the book, something along the lines of ‘Take all the time you need to read this, I’ll look after everything else’.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

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