80s Films Were the Best!

In just a few days the new Peter Pan movie will be released. It’s the next in a long line of classic childhood films that have been remade for a new audience. We’ve had Annie, Ghostbusters – what’s next , Police Academy?

But, it got us thinking, how good films were growing up in the 80s. Granted, it was the only thing the 80s were good for. When Kylie and Jason were your only source of music, everyone drove Volvos and the fashion was bright with padded shoulders, it wasn’t the greatest era to be a kid.

So now I wonder, which of these films will I introduce to my baby? He probably wouldn’t get them, and I’m sure they’d look pretty naff compared to the awesome SPFX we have today. But one day very soon, when he can actually pay attention without being distracted by a piece of fluff. Dam straight, I’m going to sit down and make him watch these five films…

  1. National Lampoons Vacation

If someone up there’s keeping count, then I reckon ‘Big Ben Kids’ is the most uttered phrase in my lifetime thanks to this film! The legend that is Chevy Chase is the classic American Dad who takes his awkward family to Europe on holiday. Oh for the music, the goofiness, the cringe (actually coming to think of it, I may have to leave the room at certain parts), all make this movie one of my favourites ever.

  1. Gremlins

Every Christmas, even now, I secretly hope that Gremlins is on TV. I think it was first aired at the festive time, because it’s one of my lasting memories. Forget the presents I was given and the meal my mum slaved over all day, my lasting memory of Christmas ’97 (when it was probably aired) is Mogwai and those nasty Gremlins, bright lights and keeping them away from water!

  1. Labyrinth

If by the age of five, Boo can’t complete this sentence ‘you remind me of the babe…’ I will have failed as a parent! So important is this film, that I bought it many years ago on VHS (and more recently again on DVD) to show my one-day baby. Ok, so he might not fully appreciate David Bowie in those tighter than tight leggings the way I didn’t, but I know he will enjoy the spirit of the story and love it as much as the class of ’86 did.

  1. Ghostbusters

Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, the Marshmallow Man, Slimer and oh God so much more. I had every Ghostbuster thing going – I had the figures, the crisps, the PJs the soundtrack, you name it. China probably became a superpower on the merchandise on this film alone! But above anything, it made me want to visit NYC. And when I finally did aged 24, I felt like I was on the set of the movie. I know there’s a new release on the way, but it will never beat the magic of the original. Never you hear me!

  1. BIG

Tom Hanks was the 80s. Every film he made in this time was special, especially BIG. I believe that giant piano in FAO Schwartz is still a crowd drawer today from the famous scene where he does the chopsticks. I promised myself I’d visit and sure enough I did!

There’s sooooo many other films I love from the 80s and it was hard to pick my favourites. Here’s others I love…

Weekend at Bernies
The Breakfast Club
The Secret Of My Success
Freaky Friday
Police Academy
Star Wars
Weird Science
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom
When Harry met Sally
Top Gun
Back to the Future
Dirty Dancing
Beetle Juice

GO ON, tell me there’s a classic I’ve clearly forgotten here…