XXX Rated Mums!

Most Mums don’t give a XXX !

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Did you read recently that one in three women watch porn regularly (survey by Marie Claire), mostly using their smartphone. I had to laugh. I can’t imagine many of these are Mums – we have little time to pluck our eyebrows, let alone anything else!

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But it made me chuckle because it reminded me of a rather embarrassing moment I had recently….

I was another Monday morning, one hand feeding the boy the other on the remote, when I came across ‘Red Hot Mums‘. Innocently, a channel I’ve never heard of before, so assumed it might be dedicated to the sisterhood and decided to wait for it to load.

Yes, you know what happens next… it is most definitely not a channel for Mums!

But it does make you wonder – surely there’s a whole industry for us daytime TV dwellers that should be catered for. I spot a gap in the market for ‘Channel Chippendale’ or ‘Red Hot Papas’!

But, this is where the fundamental difference in the sexes lies. I’d be watching it for comedy value, for the crap acting, poor story-lines and accidentally amusing dubbed over accidents. Men, meanwhile, I think can indulge their fantasies a lot better!

Lord of the G-Strings!?

But I’m not one to diss the entertainment industry, it serves a purpose and each to their own. In fact, I’m rather in awe of some of the brilliant titles they come up with, like ‘Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ . And there’s more where that came from (so to speak). Here’s some brilliant names of porn titles – perhaps we are missing out?!

  • E.T. – the Extra Testicle
  • Shaving Ryan’s Privates
  • Gulp Fiction
  • Lord of the G-Strings
  • Dyke Hard
  • Womb Raider
  • Done in 60 seconds
  • Missionary Impossible
  • Inspect her gadget
  • Men in Black Men
  • Turner and Cooch
  • Breast Side Story

But much like ‘Red Hot Mums’ be warned, some of the titles, such as  ‘The Babysitter’  are not what they seem…

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