A few weeks ago a friend from the office decided to pop in. I thought it was a customary ‘hello’ after work, but being a young single man with no commitments (not jealous), he decided to stay for dinner.

I hadn’t planned for this and didn’t want to be rude, so I was turned to my ‘go-to’ quick delish pasta fix recipe.

It’s foolproof, quick, always looks impressive and you only need four ingredients (although you can add more if you like).

So, when you find yourself in a similar predicament, here’s something to have up your sleeve…



Large pasta tubes (we use Pennoni Giganti, but you don’t have to)

Dolmio Carbonara stir-in sauce


Serano or Parma Ham

Optional Extras


Virgin Olive Oil

Grated parmesan

Dish for:                   Two fabulous people

Cooking time:         15 minutes

Soundtrack:            Dean Martin, That’s Amore

Get Cooking…

Throw in the pasta with salted boiling water and cook for specified time (usually 14 minutes)

Wash the rocket and (optional) douse in olive oil

Optional – cut an onion lengthways and fry it up

When al dente drain the pasta and stir in the Dolmio sauce which cooks in the heat

Add optional onions

Dish up in large bowl

Grab a handful of rocket and position in middle of pasta

Take Parma ham and lovingly scatter over the top

Grind black pepper on top along with (optional) grated parmesan

Dish with a nice glass of Proseco!

Yum. Did you love it? If you’re a fan of simple Italian dishes, try this ‘Hey Presto’ insalate…


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