Push Present Inspiration for Dads-to-be

What do you mean you haven’t heard of a push present!?

Dear husbands, partners, men and boy. As the bearers of your children, breastfeeders of the world and carriers of bouncing babies – we want diamonds as a push present!

A push present is a gift that your partner traditionally buys the Mother of their child, to mark the occasion of giving birth.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a bit of jewellery. But I also appreciate that most people these days have everything they need. So what else can you buy that special woman? Well, I’m glad you asked…


I’m not going to lie, what woman wouldn’t want diamonds and pearls! Sure, you can shop in Tiffany’s,  but you could get something less high-street and maybe visit Garrard, Theo Fennel or anything in Selfridges! Look, we aim high, but wouldn’t you if you just pushed out a watermelon.


If you plan to put together a basket of goodies, this will go down a storm. Those precious days and weeks after childbirth, a woman needs her energy. So this will be one time you’re not shouted out for bringing calories in to the house! London’s Biscuiteer’s is the place to go. Items can be personalised and they are always beautifully boxed too. Yum!


I’m a practical kind of Mum, so a changing bag that is practical is always top of my list. This Cath Kidston changing bag is a real beaute and was top of my list (yes I had a list!) of goodies.


Not quite the push present I was hoping for, but… When my husband could see that breastfeeding was not working out, and that I wanted to express instead, he bought me the Medala Swing online. I’d pretty much say it’s an essential for anyone hoping to breast feed in any way they chose. It was easy to use and even though I only did it for the first few weeks, it was a real game changer for me.


If all else fails, a beautiful locket, like this one from Notonthehighstreet makes a touching gift. Be the real romantic and get something special etched on the back, like the date and time of your baby’s birth.

AND FINALLY, yes it’s a shameless plug, but every new parent needs ‘The First-Time Parent: Six Months on the Outside’ available now on iBooks, click here!