Five Unexpected Pregnancy Signs To Look Out For

Sure, we all know the ‘telltale’ signs of pregnancy, but what about the unexpected pregnancy signs?

PregnantIt was the day I walked past watermelons in Tesco, that I realised something was up. The smell hit me in a way I can’t even explain. It’s like someone offloaded a truck load of ripe juicy melons and set fire to them right under my nose!

Odd things kept happening to my senses – I’d drive past a KFC about four streets away and it smelt like they were frying up some chicken in my car back seat. And then there was the very strange and unexpected chirpiness in the morning, the unquenchable thirst and the jetlag-like-tiredness.

A quick piss on a stick confirmed it. I was preggers!

Sure, we’ve all heard about the morning sickness and food cravings – but what no-one tells you is that there’s a load more other signs to look out for. And my friend, here are just five of them…

1. Ouch! Tender boobs

It’s very subtle, to the extent that you think it’s your period on the way. But sore boobs are one of the signs that you could be pregnant. (Note to self; invest in a pregnancy bra early on!

2. YAWN – exhaustion

While not everyone gets the same symptoms, I’m yet to come across a woman who didn’t suffer exhaustion of some sort in those first few weeks. A few droplets of lavender oil can help get you snoozing off. I personally found it got better after the first trimester. But suffice to say I spent a lot of time sleeping in my car at work, you get the picture..

3. A pain in the…

Now this was something I didn’t suffer, but I’ve known a few friends to get backache during pregnancy. Get yourself a hot water bottle and pregnancy pillow and curl up in bed, it can do wonders.

4. Wee Willie Winkie

Much like Wee Willie Winkie, you’ll be up in the night, a lot. The thirst, the toilet breaks, the thirst, the toilet breaks. Yep, you know what I’m saying.

5. Food Aversions

If you’re anything like me, you won’t get food cravings per se, but instead food aversions. And ironically, mine was GINGER – the one food to stop you from morning sickness (which thankfully I escaped). If this is something you’re suffering from, you might find this pregnancy kit kinda handy.

So there you have it, five unexpected signs to look out for in pregnancy and based on my own experience. Please however consult expert advice for all things medical, I recommend the NHS website for more.

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Cath Kidston (UK)