Five things to have for potty training

The thing with potty training is, everyone presumes you know what it’s all about. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re bloody clueless!

I was amazed to learn that a potty trained kid STILL wears a nappy when the sleep for years to come. I also learned that anyone who claims to potty train their child in three days is seriously lying. That or Mary Poppins in disguise.

Great Expee-tations!

I’m certainly not an expert in potty training boys or girls. But I can say now that I’ve been through it, that it wasn’t as bad as I  expected. I would say this is largely down to waiting for the right time and not rushing it (my son was just over 2.5 years). Also being laid back about it all and expecting ‘mishaps’ as part of the journey.

Contrary to popular advice I still went out with him on day one (and was fine) and learned that perhaps rewarding him with harbio was a BAD idea. Stick to Smarties folks!

Also, it really helped that in the months leading up to P-Day, we had left the potty in the bathroom for him to get use to, and read him lots of books about toilets and poos! Unbeknown to me, this helped prepare us all.

But anyway, here’s five things you’re going to need.

1.FOR the early days of training

In the first two weeks of potty training, you’re going to need a bog standard potty to hand (so to speak)! It just needs to be easily accessible downstairs, something you can whip out when you need it. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just within reach. This little throne by Mothercare is a friendly choice, and kids find the removable bowl fun. The only challenge is that it can be a little in the way at times.

Check out Mothercare’s potty chair here >>>

2.FOR swotting up…

I personally think you can over-prepare for potty training and get yourself worked up. Everyone has a different view, so really try not to dwell on advice of others unnecessarily.

But if you read one book, Sarah Ockwell-Smith has just launched ‘The Gentle Potty Training Book’ which covers all important areas, such as where to begin and the psychology behind it all. If you’re a parent hoping to get through potty training without sugary rewards, this book is for you, with a gentle approach to easing them in.

I especially found the piece of research from Sweden in the book interesting, suggesting that many children in a study they conducted struggled to stay dry at night until the age of 4 or 5. You are not alone!

3. FOR out and about

For poops on the go, who you gonna turn to… My Carry Potty! This neat little invention has been wracking up the column inches recently and it’s easy to see why. Now in the U.K, parents across the country (myself included) are loving this cleverly designed potty, made my a Mum.

It’s foldable, colourful and surprisingly light But, it’s big selling point is that it has a leak-proof seal, meaning that the contents can be safely retained until you find somewhere suitable to dispose of them. Go ahead and laugh, but trust me, this is a lifesaver when you need it most. Case in hand, during a country walk in our local park – it  was the carry potty or the side of the tree! I’m glad Boo was able to style it out with the lady pot (as I like to call it), and it also makes potty time more enjoyable and comfortable for him too. Not just resigned to out and about, this is handy for the home too, we’ve been using it outside in ou garden since we don’t have a downstairs loo.

No more weeing children crouching by a tree, this is the classy way to travel with a newly trained toddler, and will serve you well.

My Carry Potty, available from Cheeky Rascals from £19.99


4. FOR cuteness!

While I went straight into cotton pants, I can very much see the appeal of potty training pants, especially if you are perhaps on holiday or stuck indoors over winter. They don’t get more cute or colourful than the Bambino Mio range, which starts from £5.95 at one of my favourite online retailers – Precious Little One.

5. FOR the home

I fortunately stumbled across Prince Lionheart’s toilet seat with handles on Amazon for just over a tenner. It was a by-chance product that has served us well. It fits perfectly on the toilet, is moulded to his little bot, and offers extra confidence with its handles. If you’re looking for a toilet seat for your toddler, this is a great buy.

Available from Amazon.

And finally, thank you to all my followers on Twitter who gave some really great advice, you can see it on this chain here (look at the responses):

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