Post-nursery nibbles for a hungry kid

Any parent whose child goes to nursery knows at least two things; 1- boy, do you have a hungry kid and 2 – boy, do they get green runny noses!

On the later, I’ve realised this is because nursery ‘dinnertime’ is ‘kids appetisers’ in the real world. I mean, since when did a cucumber bagel, vegetable soup or cheese sandwich constitute a hearty meal?

Whether he’s wolfed it down like a little guzzler, or just picked at food in nursery, I can always expect a hungry child when I get home. But of course, no-one ever tells you this and for a while I struggled to know what to feed him.

Now I’ve been doing this a few months and with a seemingly constantly bare larder, I have learned which staples to always have in the house, and what little treats can be rustled up in a minute’s notice.

The two key things here are time (since you have none) and bulk – since you want them to go to bed hungry (and not wake you up)!

So here’s my top six quick and easy culinary delights for post-nursery nibbles.

1.Milk Drunk Scrambled Egg!
You will need one egg, some grated cheese, a spoonful of MILK and butter. If you want to go crazy, add some chopped peppers, ham and mushroom.

Get the ingredients and whisk. In a hot pan, use a fork to whip it up and fry until well cooked.

Serve with buttered toast.

This takes minutes to make, is packed with protein and is always a hit!

2. Boo Boo’s Dip Dip’s!
Children LOVE hummus, so I always have a little pot in the fridge. I used to use carrots as a dipper, but he tends not to eat them and have since substituted it for cucumber batons. You can also buy pitta strips in Waitrose, which can be toasted for a nice treat.babybjorn-high_chair-turquoise

3. Yog Yogs!

Basically, quick and easy – I always have Yeo yoghurts in the fridge as they are one of the better ones for kids, with less sugar than some of the others. Super easy to serve, I put a little pot of ‘wheat puffs’ on the side. He loves picking them out and chomping on them. This isn’t always enough, so I sometimes team it with a slice of toast – one for the busier days.

4. Yumacado
Avocado is one of those delightful foods that is both delicious an nutritious at the same time. The benefits of which have been highly documented, and even made in to cook books. There has even been suggestions that it’s the perfect pregnancy food too. It is almost certainly devoured whenever we get home from nursery, with a few mouthfuls filling up Boo very quickly. Another great way to serve it, is mashed up with banana. Yep, they love it!


5.Last night’s din dins!

peas 2If I’m making something for tea like sausage and mash, or chicken and potato – I’ll always save a little bit for Boo the next day. I try to avoid ready meals and pre-made sauces, which contain unnecessary ingredients, and use fresh veg where they can be substituted. Frozen peas and sweetcorn are a great side to also include, taking three minutes to cook.

6. Jar Mate
And when all else fails, I turn to the cupboard and have a jar of Hipp’s ‘Rice and Pears’ to hand, or Ella’s Kitchen snack bars or  smooshies (carrot and orange is a hit in our house). It’s a hearty filling treat and full of goodness too.

7. And finally..

Toddlers are a right bugger to feed, so make meal time fun with their very own cup and cutlery. Cath Kidston’s little solider set is a hit in our house.

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