Play-Doh to the rescue, for rainy days indoors!

Is it just me, or has it been a very long windy and wet winter? Some days I feel like I’m in that episode of Peppa Pig (you know the one), where they jump in puddy muddles all day, because if you can’t beat them…

HASBRO Play-DohBut the problem is, I’m not one for putting myself through the elements, and the past few months have been particularly cruel for parents. Sick of soft play, indoor cafes and play groups, I am running out of options to entertain my toddler.

Or so I thought. Because there’s actually some great toys for keeping idle hands occupied.

I recently got hold of Play -Doh’s Kitchen Creations Sizzlin Stovetop and was so impressed that I thought it deserved a little shout out, least of all as it’s suitable for boys and girls.

What’s in the box?!

Presented in an exciting and colourful box, the fun begins from the moment you tear it open. There are 19 pieces in all, including five tubs of Play-Doh in (white, orange, green, red and yellow) and some fun accessories including a skillet and saucepan along with a stove and stampers to help you create some special treats.

Play-Doh Kitchen

It won’t annoy you!

There are some toys I love, and some I don’t, and while of course it’s not about me, one of the great things about Play-Doh is that you can have fun and play it together. And no, it won’t annoy you – in fact you’ll probably get more involved than your kid, so compulsive it is.

Although that said, the fact that the clock on the stove always reads “12.34” may bother anyone with a touch of OCD!

IMG_2102   IMG_2092

Learning on the job!

Play-Doh is a hit as it’s simple to understand and endless fun to play with. In fact, we killed at least 40 minutes playing with this kitchen set as apocalyptic weather brewed outside!

There’s an element of learning as well, as it encourages learning colours, foods and learning how to blend colours together.

It was also quite amusing seeing him trying to flip an egg and emulate me in the kitchen (do I really look that flustered!), and he was particularly entertained by the sizzling sounds from the stove.

Some of the food products are easier to make than others – stick to the broccoli and eggs! Mixing colours can be tricky like a green top for the carrot, but then I reminded my son that he wasn’t being judged on it.


The science bit…

Good for: Indoor play, creativity, learning colours, role play,

Age suitability: 3+

Batteries: Obvs, 3 x AA

Where to buy: George Asda or Amazon, from £17.99

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