Placenta to go around

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WARNING: placenta grimness, not for the faint-hearted!

Is there anything more grizzly than the thought of eating your own organ? Probably not, yet some people dine out, quite literally, on the chewy goodness that is placenta. We know some of the benefits have been well documented, but to me, there’s just something a bit too disturbing to go there.

Taste like chicken?

We’re not sure we want to find out. It would take a seriously solid stomach to be able to palette it. However as ever – there’s some celebrities that can’t get enough.

The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik has admitted to enjoying her placenta, and is a big advocate of it.

Another alternative and current trend, is for your placenta to be refined in to tablets. While this is something I probably could do – it doesn’t feel like it has been well researched enough for me to want to try. But, it didn’t stop Alicia Silverstone, Kim Kardashian and January Jones though, who were all much braver than me.

In the meantime, if we’ve inspired you, here’s some recipes you can try at home…

Special Enchilada

Placenta Lasagne

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Traditional Special P Cake


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