I was asked recently what I thought ‘the future’ of blogging might be, specifically for parent bloggers.

It’s an interesting question, because bloggers, vloggers and influencers have kind of crept up on us. Years ago working in the media, they called it ‘new media’. Today ‘new’ has been replaced by ‘social’, as we accept that it’s here to stay. Well, I hope it is, otherwise I’m out of a job!

So what for the future #pbloggers?

Well, let’s take a look at the past for a moment. Back in the day people would scrawl a note and get a pigeon to send it (you’ve watched Horrible Histories, you know that!). This evolved to newspapers, telex’s, telegrams, faxes and ceefax – remember that! Then the internet exploded and we saw newspapers go online, and the start of ‘user generated content’ arrive.  Everything from blogging to vlogging evolved from here…

But the one thing that’s constant, is the need to communicate, to share and to write. Hundreds of years ago my Greek relatives might have been sharing their thoughts through hieroglyphics about the ‘great war’, and today here I am tapping away sharing my views on my child’s latest potty habits. We are still sharing information, just in different ways.


So is blogging going to die? No, I don’t think so. But it’s going to evolve. It already has.

We shared words with our fingers on blogs (and many of us still do), and that developed into sharing our lives with the world through vlogs.

We’re already seeing webcasts where people share their views for cash, and I expect as new technology comes along, we will learn how to monetize our content even more.

Video will still play a big part, because there’s nothing like seeing ‘real people’. This might be on a new social channel, but people will always want to see real stuff. For instance, I want to watch Mumsnet review a product  before I buy it – there will always be that demand.

What about #pbloggers like me? Well, as long as there’s an outlet and a voice, then we’ll find the channel to share our words on. Perhaps though with some advances – like blogging in real time, or even snapchat blogging where it disappears as soon as you write it. Oh I ought to copyright that idea!

One thing’s for sure, words will always be our most powerful form of communicating, even if the platforms change.

The post was written as part of Innovation Company’s study on what bloggers see as the future of blogging –  http://innovationcompany.co.uk