Ten things only parents of boys will understand

Parents of boys? You’ll nod along reading this…

What is it that makes boys so special? Is it their endless love for their Mums… or could it be their obsession with all things with wheels!? Here one tired Mum, says what we’ve all been thinking…

1.Their devotion to trains. Notably, Thomas the frickin’ Tank Engine, what is it with this chuffing train that makes young males foam at the mouth!? Not only this, but aged two your son will too be able to recite all the names of the trains by heart, while he’s female counterparts are learning the alphabet!

2. They secretly like Barbie. HA, the secret’s out! Boys like Barbie. And here’s the thing – why shouldn’t they. There’s no gender stereotyping in my house, but I do find it funny when he asks me to put it on Netflix, bless…

3. …. And Mummy’s boobies. Although I haven’t witnessed it with girls my son (and my friends son’s) all seem to love the boob. As a non-breastfeeder, perhaps there’s something novel about them. Then again, he’s just a man…

4. They need to be walked, like dogs. Yep, boys are simple creatures, and one of the golden rules is to tire them out. As my health advisor told me “they need to run every day”. Boys will be boys.

(Half way through  – how many have you ticked?!)

5. Never loving flip flops. The age old  ‘nature Vs nurture’ debate is answered here! Men just don’t like flip flops. This hatred starts young.

6. Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, be there on the double. What do you mean ‘sing the rest’. I am so, so, so over Paw Patrol. If you own a boy, I suspect you are too!

7. Biting. Now, again I’m not sure if this is big with girls, but I know in my son’s nursery they boys all bite each other. Talk about gang mentality. Boys like to bite.

8. Muddy Puddles! Peppa Pig has a lot to answer to. Yes I’m a killjoy, so what.

9. POO POO. I love the fact that boys can simply be entertained by the two ominous words – Poo Poo. If I complete this with the ‘parp’ sound and pretend his teddy did it, I get the biggest laugh!

10. Bring on the love and hugs. We are brought up believing that females are the emotional creatures. Well, I beg to differ. My son needs love and hugs more than any of my friends daughters, and he is more generous with his (sloppy) kisses than any girl is. This is why I love boys, they may laugh at poo jokes, they may have some cult-like obsession with trains – but at the end of the day they are just simple loving creatures.

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