10 parent milestones, every parent can look forward to!

On this journey called parenting, we experience so many new exciting feats. Baby’s first steps, baby’s first word and so forth.



But, not many people will admit that as you get further down the journey, there’s just as much pleasure in dropping some of the chores that come with it!

So, I’m putting it out there and #JustSayin’ that while I’ve loved every-ish minute of being a Mum, there’s a couple of things I have not been sad to say goodbye to.

Here’s my top 10!

  • No more health check appointments

The first milestone is a triumph for parents. No more weigh-in’s for baby in those ridiculously hot and germ-enducing rooms! No more having to feign smalltalk with parents while you wait for your number to be called. I was so pleased when these ended!

  • Dropping the morning nap

Sometime around 1.5 – 2.5 years old, most kids drop the morning nap. For me this was always the most difficult, because I’m not an early riser and there wasn’t much space between naps, meaning he was often out of sorts. Goodbye morning nap, I won’t miss you!

  • Not having to take milk on holiday with you

Breastfeeding Mothers can look away, but for the rest of us the SCHLEP  of having to pack your suitcase with 10 million bottles of milk is not fun. Thank heavens for the day when this comes to an end, when your little one can enjoy milk from the fridge of the mini bar. Small wins and all that!

  • Ditching the baby bath

It was always cumbersome in our small house. I was thrilled to get rid of another unnecessary piece of kit when Boo grew too big for his baby bath. The transition to normal bath took some time, but now life seems that bit easier!

  • Goodbye weaning, hello food!

When you start weaning, it’s all very exciting. After the 100th time you’ve oven cooked and liquidised carrots, you’re sick to death of the bloody thing! Thank goodness, it’s only a few months before little one’s start eating proper food, making your life just that bit easier again.

  • Giving up the dummy

I am SO glad that my Boo never had a dummy. It was something that I didn’t even think about, rather than a conscious decision. But I have full sympathy for any parent that has tried to get rid of it. My son had the same attachment to his baby bottle (see below), they will always find something. It’s such a milestone with this no longer plays a part in their life.

  • Giving up bottles

Since we never used a dummy, my son formed a strong attachment to his baby bottles. He used them way past the age of two, and it got to the point where I had to forcibly remove them. As with all things, this comes in time and usually when they grow out of it, which is different for everyone. Nonetheless, this was the hardest of all attachments to give up and a huge milestone in our house.

  • Ditching the high chair

I loved our highchair, but with space in our house being so precious, it was a little relief when we regained some of our house back.

  • No more nappies!

Ta-da! This is one of the greatest milestones to look forward to. Taking the cue from our nursery, Boo started potty training at 2.5 years old, it took a few weeks and was so much easier than I had anticipated. Now we only have nappies at night, it makes going out, travelling and daycare SO much easier. And I’m £5 richer a week too! (Read our potty training tips here).

  • No more naps!

I’m still working through this one. I believe it differs greatly from child to child, from the age of 1 through to five. But, I can see that my baby is starting to lose his only sleep in the day. This comes as both good and bad news. On the upside, you get your day back and aren’t ruled by a 11.30 lunch, on the downside, the transition is painful with lots of bad temper around 4/5pm when they start to get really tired. Also, it means you have a complete day of having to entertain them. I yearn for that two hour break in the day, it was so brilliant.

  • Goodbye Cot!

The last of the important transitions, from baby to child. When it’s time to say goodbye to the cot, hello cot bed, you know you no longer have a baby anymore. While it can take some time for both to adjust, once you do, it’s an exciting journey ahead.